Outdoor Media Specialist

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We offer a full range of advertising and creative marketing services to our honorary clients where we provide all related services that include rental of lightbox or LED display billboard and advertising space where required. Our media team is always ready to offer any rental of advertising space for you to suit your every business marketing need.

While offering you with customized and made-to-order designs, our interactive media team will advice you on the best and most appropriate media space to advertise. From advertising space in both online and offline media, you can fully leverage on a complete integrated marketing campaign through our media planning team which are specifically catered for your business need.

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Malaysia’s Leading Wifi Expert

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When it comes to Wi-Fi advertising, no one comes close to what we do or what we have done. We have been technology advocates in the marketing and promotions industry for more than 15 years having been involved in all types of effective and highly impactful digital media ever since.

Choosing us as your Wi-Fi partner is the best choice you will make for your business not only because of our experience but because of our expertise as well. Having been doing this for so many years, we understand how technology works and we are specialists in making technology works for you!

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Integrated advertising

integrated advertising
Advertising.my ensures that your advertising dollars are well-spent with the maximum impact in the respective media involved. As a leader in providing advertising services in Malaysia and the surrounding region, our integrated advertising services include both online and offline design and strategizing for our clients.

Our expertise in the industry which dates back to more than 15 years puts us in the best position to offer you with the best approach in advertising your products and services to your target market.

Client Profiles

Digital OOH Specialist

led truck malaysiaAs a pioneer in digital and portable media, Advertising.my helps your business to grow further and larger by adopting the latest technology in advertising. We have vast experience in incorporating cutting edge technology into wide variety of media. We have a wide range of digital and LED advertising media to offer where we have delivered these products to some of the most prominent corporations and agencies in Malaysia. The effectiveness of this media is unprecedented and working with us in this media will propel your business to the forefront of the competition.
led bsnThe advertising industry is one of the fastest growing and changing sectors in Malaysia today. Static and traditional sign and billboards are no longer as demanded as before due to rising cost and mushrooming players. Billboards that have been used in the past are no longer as popular as they are not versatile and expensive to change. Today, more innovative means of signboard advertising is needed and the use of more versatile, digital advertising boards is becoming the de facto standard in this sector. Advertising.my, being the technology owner and producer of LED digital signboards puts us as the pioneer and leader in this sector. We now offer customized digital advertising boards using cost-effective LED technology made from our state-of-the-art technology equipments which vary in shape and sizes. This is widely used by many major corporations who are our partners and clients as they are more effective, immersing and cost-effective.

Rate Cards

malaysia advertising Rate CardsFor all your media planning and advertising needs, we offer the best rates here. This is because we are an established agency with good working relationships with media owners. From magazine to billboards, out-of-home media like transport and public furniture, we offer the best rates which can be derived from our collection of rate cards. If you cannot find the required media in our collection of rate cards listed here, you can request for the latest one from us and we will be more than happy to send it to you. Click here
As the leading advertising agency in out-of-home and digital media, we offer a full and comprehensive range of rate cards to our customers. Please contact us to add your rate cards for the media you own to our inventory and reach more clients immediately.