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As a pioneer in digital and portable media, helps your business to grow further and larger by adopting the latest technology in advertising. The effectiveness of this mobile media advertising is unprecedented and working with us in this media will propel your business to the forefront of the competition.

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Digital OOH

We don't just build, we innovate

Digital advertising boards is becoming the de facto standard in this sector., being the technology owner and producer of LED digital signboards puts us as the pioneer and leader in this sector. We now offer customized digital advertising boards using cost-effective LED technology made from our state-of-the-art mobile technology equipments.

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Ask us for Advertising rate cards

For all your media planning and advertising needs, we offer the best rates here. This is because we are an established agency with good working relationships with media owners. From magazine to billboards, out-of-home media like transport and public furniture, we offer the best rates which can be derived from our collection of rate cards. If you cannot find the required media in our collection of rate cards listed here, you can request for the latest one from us and we will be more than happy to send it to you. Click here


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As the leading advertising agency in out-of-home and digital media, we offer a full and comprehensive range of rate cards to our customers. Please contact us to add your rate cards for the media you own to our inventory and reach more clients immediately..

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At, we work closely with the world’s leading institutions to create and deliver the cutting-edge advantage they need to survive and thrive in a changing world.

We have been involved in our clients’ most celebrated business episodes and bring foresight, deep functional expertise, and a practical approach to build capabilities and deliver real impact. Our clients expect exceptional results from us, and we succeed by being integral to their success.

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