Harian Metro

Harian Metro is a daily tabloid style Bahasa Malaysia newspaper in the country. It is owned by the New Straits Times Press Berhad (NSTP), the biggest government owned print media company in Malaysia. Harian Metro is known as the sister newspaper to Berita Harian which reports mainly on the more corporate and ‘serious’ news in and outside the country. Harian Metro however is more a gossip style tabloid which targets the younger crowd. The newspaper began publications on March 1991 and has a reported circulation of slightly more than 350,000 copies daily.

On Sundays, it is known as Metro Ahad. It includes news and articles that cover mainly the main news in the country which also include lifestyle, shopping and very importantly entertainment. This makes it the fastest growing newspaper as when it began in 1993, there were only about 106,000 readers. There are mainly 2 sections in Harian Metro which include the main news section and RAP which stands for ‘Rentak Artis Popular’ which is the pullout section that covers everything about our local artistes and celebrities.

Its Variasi segment covers a more thematic approach while its own Classifieds sections is known as 1Klasifieds. Apart from that, the standard sports, international news and such too are included.