Category: Marketing Guide

Cinema Insights

Cinema in Malaysia today is among the top entertainment option for people from all walks of life. It was once seen as a dying industry and this has changed tremendously ever since. The cinema industry has become one of the most...

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Newspaper Dailies insights

Print media in Malaysia is very similar to other countries. Referring mostly to newspapers and dailies, there are various forms and types for advertisers to choose from. There has been a steady rise of newspapers between 2010...

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Digital OOH Insights

When it comes to Out-of-Home, or more fondly known as OOH marketing, the main keyword would surely be innovation. Marketers today have used all sorts of new methods in embracing OOH media and this has further compounded the...

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Cinema ADEX

Advertising in cinemas have been going through a lot of changes in the last decade or so in Malaysia. This is mainly due to the changing consumer behaviour particularly with the erratic market in the country. Cinema for...

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3D Design and Storytelling

How can 3D help your brand? To understand how 3D can contribute to your brand, there is a need to understand the effectiveness of visuals. There is no dispute that visuals play an important role in advertising and marketing. The...

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