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Your one-stop platform to learn everything you need to know about marketing and promotions. Whether you are a seasoned marketer or a fresh graduate, check out our guide here which includes everything under the marketing umbrella. Find out what are the best practices used by international and top local brands which have been highly successful and impacted their respective industries or learn from the experts who have a lot of insights to share.

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Our marketing guide is derived only from the experts in the market. We source and find the best advice and articles which can help you in your marketing efforts. From the type of media used to brand messaging, we ensure that all the resources here are current, relevant and highly impactful. Feel free to use the guides here and share with others your experience so that everyone in the marketing industry can benefit from one another.

September 17, 2016
Internet Users in Malaysia
The number of internet users in Malaysia has been rising over the last decade. After all, the National Broadband Initiative has been put in place to […]
July 19, 2016
limited time offer
Top Loss Aversion Tactics for online marketing
Loss aversion is one marketing tactic which never grows old. This rides on the idea of consumers who are willing to keep certain things because they […]
February 28, 2016
How Business Directory Can be Helpful to increase business leads
The business directory is a concept to communicate various businesses around the world in a single place. There are many business directories available on internet that […]
February 28, 2016
malaysia calendar advertising
How to Sell Your Products with Marketing Calendars
Marketing calendars in business, one very important thing that many people ask me is, how do you exactly sell those products in the calendars? Of course, […]
January 11, 2016
Top Reasons for Social Media Marketing
Moving with the times can make or break your business in more ways than one. In fact, it is one of the most important traits of […]
March 20, 2015
Top Social Networking Sites in Malaysia
Social networking in Malaysia is a booming sector. In fact, Malaysia has one of the most active social networkers in the world today. In a recent […]
March 20, 2015
video jargon malaysia
Common Terms and Jargons used in Video Marketing
Video Format – This refers to the type of format of files that can be uploaded in YouTube. In most cases, it inclues avi, flv, mov, […]
March 20, 2015
Top Web Portals in Malaysia
The online market in Malaysia has been booming since the turn of the decade and has continued to grow by leaps and bounds over the years. […]
March 20, 2015
advertising stage containers led truck
LED Trucks – A Paradigm Shift in OOH Media
LED Digital Trucks represent not only a major change in the OOH (Out-Of-Home) media advertising but a primary paradigm shift which have changed the advertising industry […]
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