Mobile App Development and Marketing

Mobile app development in Malaysia

mobile app development MalaysiaSmartphones are one of the fastest growing technology devices today. Mobile Applications for Android and iPhones are among one of the most developed and marketing in the world and with our expertise in digital marketing and development, we have among the best technical experts and designs who have derived some of the most compelling and remarkable mobile applications for our clients.

We have been developing mobile apps and games even before Google Play store started

In the past, we have developed and rolled out many mobile apps which are used to further leverage on digital advertising and marketing where our clients include developing apps for Lancome, one of the leading cosmetics brand in the world today, Media Prima and among many others.

This means that as the leading agency in the market today for above-the-line and below-the-line advertising campaigns, we are more than equipped to help you reach your customers through the use of mobile applications. After all, some 5 billion people around the world today own at least 1 mobile phone and this number continues to grow each day.

Having been in the industry for more than 10 years where we started off in the online advertising sector, we have constantly been the preferred agency when it comes to digital advertising. Hence, when mobile applications came about, we were at the frontline of this area and it was our readiness and experience in this sector that we fully capitalize in the market by offering mobile application development services.

We create cutting-edge mobile apps

Known in sort as ‘Apps’, there were more than 10 billion downloads on all different mobile platforms in 2010 and this is a number that continues to grow until today. embarks into all areas that will give our clients the best visibility and highest impact in reaching your potential customers where this is one area that can be enormously effective.

Our technical experts are employed with many years of experience in the industry where they have won awards and accolades for their mobile apps. Thus, you will surely be able to leverage on our expertise in this area. Our apps are derived through an effective communication system in which our team will sit through the conceptualization stage with you.

We build mobile apps for Apple App Store or Google Play Store platforms

After that, you will be consulted through the design stage before the final product is developed. All our mobile apps can be customized to run on either one or all mobile platforms like Apple, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft which are all easily available in the market today.

In this context, you will find that Apps today have already reached ‘critical mass’ although only about 7% of businesses today have mobile sites. Your business will surely grow and expand if you have the means to reach your customers through mobile technology as this is a lot more efficient and faster as well as able to reach a wider range of audience.

There are millions of apps available in the Apple store and millions more in the Android market. It is time for you to connect to your customers better and we will help you to ensure your business enjoys that effectively through our unique and highly impactful strategies.