Our Technology Expertise

We are a technological-driven and customer-oriented advertising agency. Hence, before we become experts in the technology that we adopt, we ensure that we learn it before anyone does and master it before our competitors know about it.

We have embraced technology since we began and has been involved in this sector ever since. This is why we understand and know technology better than anyone else in the market today. In fact, one of our core beliefs is that technology should be the main factor for any business to stay ahead of the competition.

Malaysia’s earliest player in Outdoor digital advertising

We have designed and programmed some of the most sophisticated programs for international technology clients while we have also managed and operated hundreds of websites in our network of clients and partners.

Our experience in LED digital board advertising started from 1985, oh yes, that was about 20 years back. Our LED signage products are seen all around Malaysia where we have conceptualized, designed and built the tallest LED structure with the most advanced fiber optic cabling system.