Advertising can be a highly costly exercise and hence, more and more new media are being designed and created to provide more choices which are more affordable to advertisers. While it would be most ideal to advertise on TV or radio, media space and costing might be some of the restrictions that companies are facing from doing so. Therefore, alternatives are being sought after which brings about the adoption of ambience advertising.

Ambience advertising refers to advertising methods using the less conventional media like TV, Radio or Newspapers. Basically ambience advertising is when a company places an advertisements in places that are less popular like on the back of receipts, table-tops, public toilets and panel boards in trains and buses to name a few. In most cases, media owners have already identified many places that could be used for this method and there are rates and charges involved. However, ambience advertising is still a very new area in which many companies could still innovate and create more spaces for advertising.

In providing our customers with the most complete advertising strategies and campaigns, offers services in these areas as well. This is where our customers would be able to leverage on new and unconventional methods of advertising which might not reach a mass market but could reach an equally appropriate group of target market.

Our expert team at will be able to advice you on how to make full use of these new media channels and where would be the best places to insert your advertisements. We will assist you from the discussion stage all the way to execution and in ensuring that the advertisements are well received by the target audience. Apart from that, also provide designing and artwork conceptualization services to produce the most suitable advertisements for your campaign. Please contact us to know more about what we have done and how we can create an impact for your brand.