When it comes to advertising on billboards, the location is always the first and most important factor. However, more innovative methods of billboard advertising is desired today by advertisers and brand owners as they aim to stand out among the many others in the market. Therefore, it is common to find that there are in fact many choices of different shaped billboards which could either be ready-made or customized to suit your business needs. One of the unique media used in this type of advertising is an arch billboard. As the name implies, it is a billboard which is designed in an arch shape and looks very different from the more conventional large printed billboards. An arch billboard can be designed in different shapes as long as it contains an overhead shelter-like form. The most common type of arch billboard would be those that are found between boundaries, especially along highways.

Different from usual billboards

Using arch billboards for your advertising needs will give your brand or product a very unique and different campaign. It can be designed to provide a message that goes with the arch or being a media that stands out. This will surely attract more attention and impressions as compared to traditional billboards.

Temporary or permanent

Where arch billboards are concerned, there are the permanent ones which are usually enacted either by the government or by the media owner. This is where you can book the space and place your ads there. On the other hand, there are the temporary arch billboards which are very commonly used in sports like marathons and in events. These arch billboards can be designed and made specifically for your brand. In most cases, they are can be deflated and easily moved around.

Highly visible

Most arch billboard is very visible as permanent ones are usually enacted high above the ground level which gives your ad a very good platform to be seen by the general public from all directions.