Lighting for billboards is very important where it will determine if the billboard is effective to the advertiser. To us, we are very particular when it comes to lighting options for our billboards where we use only the top quality of lighting which are specifically designed and made for this purpose. Hence, our billboard lighting options are unmatchable by any other suppliers in the market today.

Apart from using this for our own billboards, we supply these products to the market as well. We work with and collaborate with top manufacturers of lighting to offer only the best options in billboard advertising today.

Our billboard lighting modules can be customized to suit every size and angle while they can be easily mounted on unipoles and billboards of any configuration that can be used for your marketing campaigns.

We supply the best and most energy efficient spotlights in the market today where all our modules come with 2-years warranty. As we are one of the biggest suppliers in the market today, our rates are very competitive and economical for any business. Other products that we offer include solar equipment that can be customized to be mounted on billboards for better energy efficiency and maintenance-free solutions.