Modern business requires modern selling methods. We are here to help Malaysian businesses to expand businesses through the most current and cutting-edge methods in advertising through LED technology. is a leading supplier of custom-made LED advertising board and has been leader in this segment for many years. We have supplied LED advertising digital boards to countless clients and customers in Malaysia and Australia which have produced remarkable results.

LED advertising digital boards have become not only the latest but one of the most effective methods of advertising and signboards for businesses around the world. has been at the forefront of supplying these services since it was first introduced and today, we are one of the main suppliers and designers of LED advertising digital boards to our customers in Malaysia and Australia.

LED Digital signages are very popular today because they are more volatile than conventional signages. They can be customized in many ways and changed accordingly to suit the needs of your business. This means that apart from only displaying the name of the premises, LED digital screens can also display messages on an ad-hoc or as-and-when-needed basis.

This is an ideal tool which can be used by your business to display messages like promotions, free-gifts and any other information relevant for the customer at any time of your choice. This advantage in the digital boards or screen make them highly suitable for businesses with retail outlets like restaurants, shopping malls, transit hubs, sports venues as well as in exhibitions and festivals.

On top of that, LED digital boards are easy to use while the sizes are also easily customizable. LED screen’s brightness is adjustable and you can also choose between single, triple or full coloured boards. It is not necessary to have a computer or any other device to control the messages displayed as led screen can be configured to be Plug-and-Play and supports USB cards as well as all photo and video file formats.

As an expert in the supplying of the LED digital advertising boards, will be able to help your business to grow by leaps and bounds by using this cutting-edge technology in delivering timely and accurate information to your customers. We can offer you the best choices in terms of configuration, method of display and any other consultation advice you will need to fully leverage on LED technology. We will fully customize our products for the benefit of your business and it is our objective to grow your reach and business expansion.

Feel free to call us for trade quotes. We have sold and installed hundreds of LED display boards in Malaysia and Australia which include the biggest LED screen in the world.

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