Advertising on mobile vehicles like vans and buses is an effective method of spreading promotional and information of a product or service to the customer. This is mainly because van and bus advertising allows the advertiser to leverage on the routes that the vehicles are travelling in. In comparison, the company can control the route of the van that it would travel in but in buses, the routes are very much pre-determined by the operator. In this context, provides our customers with consultation and advice services on how to leverage on maximizing their advertising dollars through the use of this media.

There are many options when it comes to van and bus advertising where the company could either advertise as a wrap-around in which the entire vehicle is covered with the message or it could use spots. This is where only certain parts of the vehicle are used like the back portion of a bus. In most cases, the advertisement used in vans and buses are printed on a large piece of sticker which will then be applied onto the vehicle body.

Most businesses that use van and bus advertising are like entertainment outlets, movie companies, colleges and universities as they appeal to the target market of the young adults who usually travel on public transportation and goes around a lot.

It is important that the company is aware of what to advertise on buses and vans which means that the artwork and design is very important. In most cases, advertisements on buses and vans are very brief with not much text because they are very mobile. This is where the viewer will not have much time to catch the message that are being disseminated and hence, images and the concept would be very vital. Essentially, the advertisement would give the viewer a quick preview of what they are after which could interest them and drive them to find more information instead of playing out too much.

Another form of public transportation advertising is through the taxis network. offers competitive packages for companies to have their advertisements seen around the city. For advertising in taxis, our partners would be able to enjoy the full supply chain from conceptualization to printing of stickers through our own in-house design team. We also provide booking of advertisement space in the taxis of your choice where you would have to engage a minimum of 20 taxis.

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