We started out in this industry as an online advertising agency and although we have expanded to offer a wide range of other advertising and related services, we have continued to build on our strength and expertise of our flagship service. As such, Advertising.my offers an unprecedented and unmatched service by any other agencies where we help you to leverage on our expertise in helping you gain the best coverage online. Having been a major player of online advertising services, Advertising.my helps your company and brand to grow through our cutting-edge and extremely impactful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. We have worked with and collaborated with countless businesses to help them gain more visibility through online search engines for the last 15 years, putting us the best agency and most importantly the only one who understands SEO best. Our past records and portfolio speak for itself where we have been highly successful, making us the best and the leading agency in this business area. When we help our clients and their businesses in SEO, we guarantee that their websites will be listed on the first page naturally, without the need to use push strategies like pay-per-click or Google Adwords. We will help our clients to derive and use their contents in order to be listed in the front page. In fact, we guarantee results for our clients. Our SEO services will assist your businesses in ways that will surely amaze you. You will generate more quality and qualified leads to expand your business. This way, you will reach your prospective customers faster than your competitors. Our SEO Malaysia package is very affordable and is catered to businesses of any size and in every sector. Whether you are a public listed company or a self-entrepreneur, we are always ready to sit down and discuss with you on the way forward. We will discuss the concept, the design and development and implementation which will surely help you save thousands of dollars in your A&P in both the long and short term.  From there, you can spend on other media and strategies. To ensure that your business enjoy the maximum leverage, we will conduct the preliminary study where we will research and study your company’s web potential at no charge prior to the official engagement. From there we will advice you accordingly on what needs to be done and fine tune your content to cater to local prospects. After that we will undertake up to a year performance monitoring and report back to you.

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