Signboards are common devices used by marketers and advertisers not only in Malaysia but also in other parts of the world. In Malaysia, signboards are seen at almost every corner of a public space where they are used for giving directions, dissemination of information as well as for advertising purposes. Essentially, signboards are commonly used as they are affordable, they can be used both indoors and outdoors and they are easy to install.

Indoor Signages

Indoor signboard is one of the effective methods of communicating promotions and information to the customer of an outlet. We at has in the past worked with restaurants, cafes, hotels and entertainment outlets in developing, designing and installing of indoor signboards. These signages are very bright and clear while they are also economical because they do not consume a lot of energy. In delivering these products, provides design creative concept services where we ensure that the best messages are used for our clients.

Outdoor signboards

On the other hand, have involved in the designing and developing of creative concept of outdoor signboards. This is where we work with organisations like local councils, shopping malls and other major places to install outdoor signages at their premises. Media like billboards and outdoor advertising panels are part of our services while we also provide custom-made boards for businesses like shopping malls which can withstand any type of weather condition.

One of the main reasons why is the preferred partner in this area is because we are the technology owners and we manufacture our own boards with which there is no size too small or too big for us. Our outdoor signages are seen in small scales along traffic lights and larger scales like that which enveloped an entire building.

Our service in signboards range further than just billboards and design where we are also involved in other products that could help our clients leverage more in this media. Apart from designing and manufacturing the signages, we offer our expertise in other areas in which our clients can request for the likes of the more conventional lightbox signage, acrylic signages and 3D signages as well.

These services and products are provided to ensure that our clients enjoy a full range of advertising related packages and where can cater to every need of any business sector. We are the pioneer of signboard advertising while we are also a premium supplier, designer and experts in this market segment.

Our team of professionals will assist you in obtaining the relevant and needed premises and signboard licenses. This is because such procedures must be adhered to if you are to open a new business. We will obtain all the relevant documents from you and then liaise with the respective government departments that include the local councils and the ministries involved. Our services starts from the discussion stage, design and seeing to it that your application is approved by the respective authorities and local councils where required like DBKL, MPPJ, MPSJ and many others around the country. On top of that, we also ensure that the signboards are installed and maintained with the highest standards possible.

Outdoor Signboards, Billboard Application, Licensing and other issues

If your business is planning to use outdoor signboards or billboards for advertising, you will need to obtain the approval from the local authorities and councils. Signage boards like banners and billboards are common methods of advertising and because they displayed in the public. Depending on the location that you are planning to put your advertisement, they will be under certain conditions and requirements as they fall under their respective guidelines stipulated by the local councils. We will assist you in preparing the documentations needed to apply for the approval and will advice you accordingly to ensure that you obtain the approvals needed.

Municipal and Town Council Approvals

In the building of any structures or any of the advertising that you need, you usually need to liaise with the local town councils. This will involve a wide range of issues like building and structure CFs (Certificate of Fitness), structure and space plans, temporary land conversion as well as permits for promotions and events. As we have been doing this for many years, we are very familiar with who to liaise with and will be able to represent you in dealing with the local councils like DBKL, MPPJ, MPSJ and any other councils around the country to ensure that you are application obtains the approvals required.

We at always work towards achieving excellence when it comes to delivering our products and services to our clients. We have a comprehensive set of products that range from mobile kiosks to digital signage, made-to-order acrylic products and many other advertising related services as well which are all available to help our clients gain their marketing dollars’ worth.

Among our services, we also provide road signs and information board design and manufacturing. We at have been designing and making information media like road signs and traffic signs for many years. Our team of expertise have also worked with major shopping centres, entertainment outlets, public places and many others in designing and installing them, ensuring the maximum exposure to the general public.

Our team of experts and designers are ever ready to provide a comprehensive set of services to our clients where we start with the discussion on where to place the signboards and what type of material should be use. The key indication here is to ensure maximum exposure and hence, the use of material and colour is very important in ensuring that the objectives are met.

From there, we will then advice our clients accordingly where we provide them with information on booking charges, installation fees and manpower that are needed for the project to succeed. Once all the related issues are determined and agreed upon, we will then proceed with the actual designing and implementation of the signs. Our in-house designers and technical personnel will work to meet the deadlines that are stipulated and then deliver the products on time. Installation of the signages would be carried out by our professionals who will use the best possible material needed. Once that is done, will communicate to our clients on any feedback garnered from the signboards and to follow-up on the next step forward like enhancements and future collaborations.

About Road Signs

Road signs are essentially information boards that are used by the Road Transport Department in directing traffic and to provide information to road users about locations and such. As vehicle drivers do not have a lot of time to stop and read, road signs commonly use very brief and instant messages like single-lined statements or icons in which they will be able to see and understand in a split second.

Road signs are very effective because they are understood and used around the world. Standard road signs like ‘No Entry’, ‘No Parking’ and such use universal images which are common around the world. It is very important that road signs are clear and loud because they ensure the smooth flow of traffic on the roads which will in a long run minimize accidents and incidents. Drivers are tested to understand road signs before they are legally allowed to drive on the roads as reading the signs are the fundamental knowledge of every driver.

The more modern road signs today incorporate more modern technologies in that they include LED lights especially in arrow-signboards. This technology is also adopted in many other road signs which are created to provide warning to drivers.

Neon signs are a more modern method of advertising as compared to the conventional lightboxes. Essentially, neon signs are more attractive in some ways although they do have their limitations. Made from electrified and luminous tube lights which use neon and gas, they are more suitable to display text in different colours as compared to displaying the name of the business. Hence, it is not common that neon signs are used as the frontal signage of a business.

Neon signs come in several colours and they are extremely attractive when used together instead of a stand alone. Neon signs are usually applied for simple and straightforward signs by business owners where they display information like ‘OPEN!’, ‘FREE’ and others as they want to attract customers to their outlets. As neon signs are not very versatile, they are best suited for a permanent display instead of an interchangeable one. This means that neon signs are usually placed indoors and not exposed to different weather conditions. If used appropriately, neon signs can attract a lot of attention as they illuminate the area surrounding it. Among the limitations of neon signs is that they are more effective during the night as look very much like a fluorescent tube in daylight.