Signboards are common devices used by marketers and advertisers not only in Malaysia but also in other parts of the world. In Malaysia, signboards are seen at almost every corner of a public space where they are used for giving directions, dissemination of information as well as for advertising purposes. Essentially, signboards are commonly used as they are affordable, they can be used both indoors and outdoors and they are easy to install. is the premier supplier and manufacturer of signages in Malaysia while we are also one of the best designers of this media. Basically, signboard design forms one of the core products that offers. Over the years, has collaborated with countless clients from numerous industries all across Asia in developing sign boards that come in different shapes and sizes and dimensions.

We are one of the major signboard makers in Malaysia where our indoor and outdoor signages have been used both within and outside of Malaysia. Being a signboard design company, provides all the related issues pertaining to this market segment where we are also involved in booking, installing, follow-up and maintenance as well.


Indoor Signages

Indoor signboard is one of the effective methods of communicating promotions and information to the customer of an outlet. We at has in the past worked with restaurants, cafes, hotels and entertainment outlets in developing, designing and installing of indoor signboards. These signages are very bright and clear while they are also economical because they do not consume a lot of energy. In delivering these products, provides design creative concept services where we ensure that the best messages are used for our clients.



Outdoor signboards

On the other hand, have involved in the designing and developing of creative concept of outdoor signboards. This is where we work with organisations like local councils, shopping malls and other major places to install outdoor signages at their premises. Media like billboards and outdoor advertising panels are part of our services while we also provide custom-made boards for businesses like shopping malls which can withstand any type of weather condition.

One of the main reasons why is the preferred partner in this area is because we are the technology owners and we manufacture our own boards with which there is no size too small or too big for us. Our outdoor signages are seen in small scales along traffic lights and larger scales like that which enveloped an entire building.

Our service in signboards range further than just billboards and design where we are also involved in other products that could help our clients leverage more in this media. Apart from designing and manufacturing the signages, we offer our expertise in other areas in which our clients can request for the likes of the more conventional lightbox signage, acrylic signages and 3D signages as well.

These services and products are provided to ensure that our clients enjoy a full range of advertising related packages and where can cater to every need of any business sector. We are the pioneer of signboard advertising while we are also a premium supplier, designer and experts in this market segment.




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