Taxis/Van/Bus/Public Transportation Advertising

Getting to your target audience through Ride-Sharing platforms

Ride-sharing apps have been making a lot of ripples in the public transportation market since they were introduced. Grab and Uber have pretty much become the ‘standard’ now. This has provided a whole new market and exciting opportunities for drivers to earn extra income by providing rides and transportation.

Earn more as a driver

We are in the business of advertising on public transportation like buses and taxis. If you are a Uber or Grab driver looking to earn more through your vehicle, then we can help you to earn more. We have the capacity to reach more people in any community or area because we have been doing this for years now.

For both driver and advertisers

We are the only one in the market that can help you reach more people. Our offerings include:

  • For advertisers – We can target any driver in any area. Our location-based strategies have been tested and proven to be highly effective and impactful. When you work with us, we ensure that your ads are seen by the most prominent target audience of your campaign.
  • For drivers – Besides enjoying your income by driving, we can provide you with a new revenue stream. We can use your vehicle as a mobile-advertisement. Earn as much as RM800 per month where you become the advertisement and the media owner for us.

Talk to us today and let us change your ride-sharing business through our guaranteed to work advertising strategies.

Bus Advertising Malaysia

Bus Advertising Malaysia
 Malaysia Bus/Taxi/Public Transport Advertising Rate Card

Malaysia Bus/Taxi/Public Transport Advertising Rate Card

Advertising on mobile vehicles like vans and buses is an effective method of spreading promotional and information of a product or service to the customer. This is mainly because van and bus advertising allows the advertiser to leverage on the routes that the vehicles are travelling in.

In comparison, the company can control the route of the van that it would travel in but in buses, the routes are very much pre-determined by the operator. In this context, provides our customers with consultation and advice services on how to leverage on maximizing their advertising dollars through the use of this media.

There are many options when it comes to van and bus advertising where the company could either advertise as a wrap-around in which the entire vehicle is covered with the message or it could use spots. This is where only certain parts of the vehicle are used like the back portion of a bus. In most cases, the advertisement used in vans and buses are printed on a large piece of sticker which will then be applied onto the vehicle body.

The right campaigns for Bus advertising

Most businesses that use van and bus advertising are like entertainment outlets, movie companies, colleges and universities as they appeal to the target market of the young adults who usually travel on public transportation and goes around a lot.

It is important that the company is aware of what to advertise on buses and vans which means that the artwork and design is very important. In most cases, advertisements on buses and vans are very brief with not much text because they are very mobile.

This is where the viewer will not have much time to catch the message that are being disseminated and hence, images and the concept would be very vital. Essentially, the advertisement would give the viewer a quick preview of what they are after which could interest them and drive them to find more information instead of playing out too much.

Boost your campaign with taxi advertising

Another form of public transportation advertising is through the taxis network. offers competitive packages for companies to have their advertisements seen around the city. For advertising in taxis, our partners would be able to enjoy the full supply chain from conceptualization to printing of stickers through our own in-house design team. We also provide booking of advertisement space in the taxis of your choice where you would have to engage a minimum of 20 taxis.

RapidKL Buses 

You can now sponsor an entire bus by engaging a full body wrap on the external part of the vehicle. This will give your ad a lot of mobility especially if you are targeting commuters and the general public in the Klang Valley. RapidKL buses travel in various routes around major spots in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor around the clock, giving you hundreds of thousands of impressions per day.
Rate: RM3,000 per bus per month

Rapid Penang Buses

If your target market is in the northern state of Penang and among the public transportation commuters, then you must advertise in the Rapid Penang Bus. The advertiser will be involved in production cost but you will enjoy extremely high ad-views specifically if you have loud and captivating liveries.
Rate: RM2,500 per bus monthly.

MetroBus/City Liner

This bus service is used to ferry passengers around the Klang Valley but do not cover as many routes as RapidKL. Your ads on MetroBus/City Liner buses will give your exposure specifically for commuters of a certain route around the city centre.
Rates: Full Body Wrap – RM3,000 per bus per month

Back Panel

– RM1,800 per bus per moth

Interior Overhead Panel in MetroBus/City Liner

In every Metrobus/City Liner, there are 10 panels on the interior overhead areas. This is an extremely effective advertising spot because every commuter spends an average of 10 minutes on every trip which means your ad enjoys constant and repeated reminders throughout the journey. During rush hours, commuters spend an average of 30 to 45 minutes in the bus where your ad will be exposed.
Rate: RM500 per bus per month

Interior Roof Panel

– RM500 per bus monthly

Leaflet Hangers in MetroBus/City Liner

You can place leaflets in the MetroBus/City Liner interiors to be read by the commuters. To rent this space, you will need to meet the requirements in terms of size of the leaflet and manage the stock.
Rate: RM500 per bus per month

Express Bus

Besides the urban public buses, you can advertise in Express Buses where you can sponsor a full body wrap. This is an ideal media if you want to target viewers from urban to sub-urban and rural areas which will all be predetermined by the route the bus is taking.
Rate: RM1,800 per bus per month Back Panel – RM1,200 per bus per month

Full Body Wrap for Town Bus – RM1,900 to RM2,5000 per bus per month
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