Touch Screen Kiosks

Touch Screen Kiosks/Display

    • Full High-Definition (HD) Display
    • Versatile and mobile
    • Interactive
    • Built-in temperature control
    • Works around the clock
    • Automatic timer
    • Supports all media files
    • Strong and robust 

Full High-Definition (HD) 

To ensure that your video and image files are played with the maximum clarity, the Touch Screen Kiosks are made with full High-Definition (HD) technology. This will give you the best playback quality which will strike a positive image among your customers.

Versatile and mobile Screen

Our Touch Screen Kiosks are designed for versatility and mobility. Where needed you can dismount it easily from the kiosk to be placed on a table-top. Otherwise, it can be moved around to locations of your choice depending on the requirements.


The Touch Screen Kiosk is designed for interaction with the customer. This makes it an ideal choice for them to be used as information kiosk, directional information or company structure. The system is user-friendly and is designed for maximum immersion with the user.

Built-in temperature control

To ensure that the Touch Screen Kiosk continue to run throughout the day and in different weather conditions, we have installed a built-in temperature control mechanism. This automatic option will adjust the temperature accordingly especially under humid conditions when the heat rises.

Works around the clock

We designed the Touch Screen Kiosk to work around the clock so that your customers are always in contact with you. This means that the product is able to run through the day and the year without problems as it comes with a built-in sleep and temperature control system.

Automatic timer 

When needed, you can switch off the Touch Screen Kiosk. This can be manually carried out or alternatively, you can use the automatic timer function. This means that you will be able to set a time when the system will activate or deactivate. On top of that, you can use the scheduling option which determines which file to play at a specific time and date.

Supports all media files

We ensure that you enjoy maximum returns when it comes to our products. Hence, our Touch Screen Kiosk is designed to play every type of industry available media types like MP3, AVI, VOB, JPG and WMA, among others. Just plug in the media card and the system is ready to go.

Strong and robust

Our Touch Screen Kiosk is made only with the strongest material available. This will minimize the risk of damage or breaking down. To ensure that the unit is movable to every location, we used strengthened glass and metal so that they do not break easily.