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Advertising in Magazines

Magazine advertising

Unlike developed countries like the United States and around Europe, Malaysia has stricter guidelines when it comes to magazine publications. While the market has hundreds of magazine titles which are both local and international, the laws are not as relaxed as other countries because Malaysia is made up of people from all walks of life with different race, religion and background.

Guidelines to publishing magazines in Malaysia

This means that publications that are available in the market must adhere to the guidelines while being sensitive to everyone in the country.

Creativity goes a long way in magazines

However, this does not mean that the magazines in Malaysia are dull and boring. In recent years, there have been more and more magazines that have made their ways into the newsstands which include internationally known titles that have been localised in terms of publication and content. This includes the likes of FHM, Top Gear, New Man and many others.

Difference in advertising in magazines and newspapers

Advertising in magazines is very different from advertising in newspapers. This is because unlike newspapers, magazines are very focused and targeted at a specific group of readers. This makes it easier for the advertiser because they need not have to be too concerned about who will be reading their ads.
Some tips on advertising on magazines:

  • Shortlist the titles - The first thing that you need to do is to shortlist the titles of the magazines in your target group. If you are targeting the young and urban reader, you will be looking at magazines about cars, gadgets and those specifically for men. If you are a cosmetic brand owner, then you will surely be looking at the female magazines for sure. Only under certain rare circumstances will you be looking at other titles which are not related to your product group.
  • Popularity - Once you have determined the type of magazines that you want to place your ad in, then you will need to identify which title to put them in. The more popular a title is, the more expensive the ad space will be. In this context, it is always better to engage the more popular ones than those that are new or emerging. The international titles which have been localized too would be ideal choices.
  • Spot location and frequency - Magazines are unique because you only need to pay once every month (or fortnightly depending on the title). It ranges from RM4,000 to RM15,000 depending on the popularity of the publication. Hence, the location of your ad plays an important role. In most cases, the media owner will have the discretion to place the ad anywhere they wish although they will always try to give you a favourable spot. However, if budget permits, you should pay loading for a better space because the ad will be seen throughout the month.