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Advertising on Air Asia Media

AirAsia advertising

Air Asia has been rated the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline for 7 years and is expected to continue. This reputation comes with a lot of opportunities which means that it has a strong brand image that resonates with its customers across the world.

Top awards and accolades for Air Asia

Having been in the aviation and travel industry for a short period of time means that Air Asia has soared to the top relatively faster than many other more established names. Today, it has become one of the most preferred airlines not only in the country but across the region and globally. It has won all types of awards and being recognized by industry leaders as one of the leading companies in this sector. Among the reputation that Air Asia brings with it include:

  1. the Number 1 travel site in Asia
  2. travelling to more than 100 destinations across the world and in 20 countries
  3. Servicing more than 180 flights daily that cover over 160 routes
  4. Recording over 50 million passengers annually
  5. rated at Number 34 in the Asia Top 1000 Brands

Types of advertising media in Air Asia

Advertising options with Air Asia can be limitless. There are all types of media available. This includes digital media on the website, communication media like emails and boarding pass and on their 3sixty on-board magazine, among others.
When you advertise through Air Asia, you can be assured of repeated impressions mainly because there are very strategic media available on the flights and other areas.

Profile of audience on Air Asia

The highest number of passengers on Air Asia flights are Malaysians which total to 17 million. The others include Indonesians, Thai, Chinese, Filipinos, Australian, Singaporean and others around Asia. Among them, 53% of the passengers are male while the rest are female. Nearly 80% of them are professionals with about 85% of them are English speaking passengers. Other significant facts include having almost 70% of them being university graduates.

What then does this mean? It simply means that you will be able to target the best customer segment for your ads based on their literacy level and who they are. When you know who your audience is, you can strategize better and quicker and in doing so, save you a lot of time and money.

Rates on Air Asia

The 3sixty magazine is the on-board publication on Air Asia flights. This magazine is published once a month with an estimated readership of around 50 million annually. Rates start from USD 7,000 for every edition for a full-page ad and goes to nearly USD 20,000 for a reverse gatefold ad. Other rates include outside back cover, insider front cover and inside back cover which start from USD 8,000 and goes up to about USD 11,000. This magazine is published on a monthly basis where you can enjoy 10, 20 and 30% discount if you buy the media space for 3, 6 or 12 months.
Other media found around Air Asia includes:

    1. Meal trays – you can place your ads on the meal tray which can be seen by passengers throughout their flights. This is by far one of the best media to advertise in if you are looking for one that can capture the attention of your customer for long periods of time. This requires a 3-months minimum buy which is around USD 3,000 per month with very good exposure and visibility for your ad. Take note that there is a production cost involved which is about USD 2,000 per aircraft.
    2. Overhead luggage compartments – Besides the meal trays, you can place your ad on the overhead luggage compartments. This is where your ad can be seen by almost every passenger that boards the particular flight. Your ad can be seen when the passenger board and leave the flight as they will always need to take their bags from this compartment. You need to buy at least 3 months which is starts from USD 4,000 per month. There is an additional USD 2,500 production cost for every aircraft.
    3. Plane livery – This is one of the most significant media where you can paint your brand across the outside body of the aircraft. Rates are around USD 350,000 for every plane for a duration of at least 18 months. One of the good things about taking this package is that you will enjoy a range of other exposures including in-plane ads, magazine and even a PR launch for your unique design which will surely give you campaign a boost.

Off plane media

Digital Ads – You can place your ads across many segments of the websites operated by the company. As Air Asia practices mostly online reservations, you can choose which part of the process to advertise on. With more than 35 million unique visitors in Malaysia alone, your ad can be targeted in areas like departure destination, arrival destination and travel dates respectively.

Why use Air Asia’s Digital Advertising platform

One thing for sure, it is all about exposure to the right target audience. Rated as the Number 1 travel with more than 50 million impressions per month, it is among the highest-rated e-commerce sites in the world today. In this 50 million, about 18 million of them comes from Malaysian alone. Air Asia now hosts more than 20 homepages that are communicated using 12 languages. On top of that, it has more than 100 million travelers’ profiles recorded and is the third most visited site in Malaysia.
Rates start from about USD 10 per cpm and about US 10 cents for boarding passes. Your ads can be put together in communication media like online itinerary and web itinerary as well.