Availability of other opportunities in Advertising and Marketing

It’s a known fact that most organizations fail to utilize the vertical search engines which are available at their fingertips. So far, web search provides the biggest opportunity for companies to disseminate their offerings and information. However, note that more new companies are emerging in the world of Internet. 

Thus, web search is considered the most competitive environment for all companies. For example, simple keywords such as camera or hand phone generate millions of search result on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Even when you provide a specific keyword search that includes the model of a camera, results still vary up to millions. Hence, marketers should look out for other approaches to narrow down their web site for easy accessibility among users. Here are some other options worth considering:

  • Video search
  • Local search
  • Image search
  • Blog search
  • News search

The above mentioned are some of the best options available. Before choosing from the list above, consider the content published by your company previously. Choose a suitable option that best represents your company. Bear in mind that news and blog search runs smaller in volume compare to others. Since there are quite a number of opportunities available, consider carefully before settling on one as it affects your sales in the future.


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