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Bernama News Agency

Bernama is a news agency in Malaysia which is actually short for Berita Nasional Malaysia. Being a government owned entity, it has often been criticized for being too pro-government in its reporting news especially when it concerns politics and the social welfare of the people.

National News Agency

The Malaysian National News Agency was formerly placed under the purview of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Communications Ministry before it was merged to become Ministry of Communications and Multimedia.

Background of Bernama

Bernama was set up in 1967 to be the central news agency in the country. It would then start operating a year after that. Since then, it has been providing news service to all the major media in the country as it has access to all major events both from the public and private sectors respectively. Apart from that, Bernama is connected via an international network of news agencies where it sources foreign news and events for the local market.

Wide reach and network

As a national entity, Bernama has a branch in every state in the country while also has correspondence in neighbouring countries as well as to the United States, UK and Australia. It set up its Bernama TV in 2007 where it has since provided its own 24-hours news feed on satellite television namely HyppTV and Astro. This is one channel which has been gaining a lot of popularity since it was launched as one of the mainstream media in Malaysia.

Extension of current media

The news ae provided and broadcasted in the 4 major languages in the country namely Bahasa Malaysia, English Language, Mandarin and Tamil. Based on the hourly programming concept, Bernama TV is able to broadcast the latest updates and news from both local and international fronts to Malaysians throughout the day.

Later on, Bernama would then expanded its coverage to radio. This is where in that same year, the Radio24 station was rolled out. Apart from TV and radio, Bernama news are also published online through its website while news is also channelled and supplied to other media owners and agencies across the country as well.

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