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Cleo is one of the best selling English Language magazines in Malaysia. Targeted for women from all age groups, Cleo has a strong following of readers across the country.

Popular and relevant women magazine

Cleo’s readers are those who are energetic and high spirited young women seeking for the latest updates on fashion, travel, lifestyle, sports, and beauty. Established in 1995, Cleo has come a long way from being a print publication to a household name in various markets.

Events and popularity

One of the signature events from Cleo is their Cleo Most Eligible Bachelor award. This was one of the most anticipated events of any year and is still going strong after so many years. This event goes very well with the current issues for women as it looks for the person who is most all-rounded and eligible.

Fastest growing title

As a magazine, Cleo is one of the fastest growing ones in Malaysia. Cleo covers real-life issues, health issues concerning women, fashion and beauty tips as well also an interview column with one of the prominent Hollywood celebrities. This is made possible because Cleo Malaysia belongs to an international network of titles which include Cleo international as well.
Created with a sophisticated layout and an array of appealing articles, Cleo is deemed to be one of the most fun-loving magazines in the market. Cleo is set is to attract modern and prestigious young women.

Current and relevant content

With its comprehensive content, Cleo has captured the hearts of the young and loyal readers since 1995. The magazine is published monthly. In every issue, Cleo focuses on a cover story that revolves around naturalness, confidence, fun and energy. The magazine features a compilation of Hollywood starlets’ pictures in elegant and gorgeous looking dresses.

Readers can observe and learn from these starlets. Cleo also provides beauty tips and recommends the beat skincare product specifically for the readers. Readers can also check out the latest and juiciest gossips on Hollywood celebrities.

Readers at heart

Besides that, Cleo also reports on the coming events in Kuala Lumpur to promote local arts and entertainment. Readers can get it all from music to books as well as movie reviews in the monthly copy. Cleo has catered a column especially for readers’ letters. The letters can be diversified as it is categorized under different categories such as health, life and sex.
Through this column, readers are able to obtain first-hand information or advice from the experts and columnists of Cleo. That is what the readers are looking for which is something that relates to them and not just generic articles that can be found everywhere.

All in all, Cleo is a must have magazine for young and fun loving young women who are always craving and seeking for more information and ready to learn from any medium. It has become one of the most most-read magazines not only because it is exciting but because it reaches the heart of its readers. So much so that has become one of the major sources of information for the high spirited Malaysian women.


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