Customer oriented Email Marketing


How to get more customers with Email Marketing

In today’s fast-paced society where everyone wants things to be done quickly and efficiently, most marketers have turned to e-mail marketing. Thus, e-mail marketing has now become more customers oriented.

There are few strategies that led to today’s success of e-mail marketing.

After the year 2000, e-mail has quickly become one of the most efficient ways to reach large number of customers with the lowest cost. Hence, e-mail engines were established to send the same text and content to large list of customers. That is why we often received spam-mails.

To ensure that the specific e-mails reach target audience, marketers used a more intricate measurement of customer interactivity.

Nowadays, the e-mail department’s key performance stresses on percentage of marketer’s online base that program able to convert.

Previously, the analysis focuses on file size and permissions, as well as delivery speed. The main purpose is to deliver the same content to large number of customers within the shortest time period.

However, the standard life-cycle-oriented triggers in today’s market including web site activity and click frequency.

One of today’s favourite email marketing among Malaysian e-commerce retailers is the shopping-cart abandonment remarketing e-mails. Bear in mind that target content used by segment marketers has changed.

Marketers now depend solely on inferred profiles to decide campaign treatments.

Thus, marketers adopted more advanced techniques such as data overlay, recency of engagement metrics and URL classification to measure customers’ demographics. All of the mentioned measurement above is considered a life-cycle approach.

Buying life cycle

Those who are involved in life-cycle must consider the option of buying life cycle. The life cycle here is somehow related to e-mail engagement. Besides that, financial institution should examine their account movement and try to understand what services to offer in the future.

Tips for content

Developing an interesting and informative content is never easy. The content plays an important role as it will either make or break your e-mail chain. To create an original yet it can get the customers excited; marketers must follow some of the rules.

Tip 1: Utilize the pros of content options smartly

Users are most likely get interested and click on the content which has the right message above the fold.

Tip 2: Understand the importance of targeting

For most of the campaign, targeting the right audience is more important than content development as it helps to lift more than 50% in campaign response. No matter how brilliantly written your content is, wrong target audience means a useless targeting plan.

Tip 3: Use “evergreens”

At times, e-mail campaign managers overlook certain enduring web site content. One should take advantage in win-back strategies.

Testing and evaluating

Testing is an important step as it helps to determine the effectiveness of the e-mail. Marketers should test every single e-mail campaign to achieve the best. Among some of the well-known methods used are enhanced testing, multivariate testing and interactions between variables.

Also, one other effective and successful marketing way is by setting up executive-sponsored “center of excellence.” Gaining a top-level sponsorship helps to secure investment for resources.


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