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Guide to Advertising on billboards

Malaysia has one of the highest road users in the world today although the country has yet to reach the point of massive traffic congestion like Bangkok and Jakarta. This is attributed by affordable vehicles as well as the constant efforts by the Malaysian government to build more roads and highways to accommodate the people while there are constant opening of new areas, townships in the wider Kuala Lumpur regions.

Best environment for billboards

This landscape creates an attractive opportunity for advertisers as it will directly create more spaces for billboards. Billboard advertising in Malaysia is very popular because they are most commonly found along highways and roads while there are many which are on top of buildings and wraparounds as well.
Among the features that makes billboard advertising effective include:

  • Location – The most important element about advertising in billboards is location. Creativity plays an important role but if the location is not appropriate, then the ad is wasted. Therefore if your brand is planning to use billboards for advertising, the most important thing that you must do first is to get the right location. You will find that getting the right and most suitable location is easier said than done mainly because the best spots are always taken and if you really want that space, you will be in the waiting list.
  • Cost and time – Unlike the 1980s, billboard advertising today is a lot cheaper. This is because of the highly competitive market and the fact that more and more billboards have become available while the authorities have become more relaxed with the regulations. You will need to plan your budget carefully and the time-frame of putting up your ad. By now, you will know that advertising on billboards are very static as you are limited to the location of your ad. Therefore, you will want to stretch your advertising dollars so that your ad is seen by as many people as possible in the time it is active.
  • Approvals – As you would know, location is very important in billboard advertising. This means that in order to have your ad enacted, you will need the appropriate approvals. The first and most important approval is from the local councils. Depending on the location of your ad, you will need to get the approval from the appropriate councils. This can usually be done through your agency. Then you will need to obtain approval for the content of your ad, which can be done through the agency too.

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