Her World Magazine

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Her World is one of the leading female magazines in Malaysia. This is one of the oldest magazines which began publishing in 1960 in Singapore.

Oldest magazine in Malaysia

As the name implies, this magazine is primarily a female magazine that reports on various issues like style, beauty, tips and others. Apart from Malaysia and Singapore, there are also the Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam editions, all of which are published in their respective languages.

Very sought after contents for female

In Malaysia, the contents in Her World are derived through their neighbouring editions while a majority of contents are sourced through local writers, reporters, editors and contributors. This makes Her World very relevant to the local market. Furthermore, content from neighbouring editions are often liked and relevant to the Malaysian readers as well since they share the same fashion taste, trends and such.

Strong brand presence

Her World is a monthly magazine published by Magazine World Sdn Bhd and has a print run of 40,000 each month. Her World is one of the most read female magazines in Malaysia because it has a long and established history among readers.
Furthermore, its local content and the fact that it is a local publication makes it unique and relevant. This is where Her World differs from that of other international titles like ‘Cleo’ and ‘Marie Claire’ which have been ‘imported’. Unlike the 2 titles mentioned which is in the same market category, Her World prioritizes the local readers and does not directly source the content from other counterparts.

Better reach and read

But staying close to the local content and information, Her World is able to reach to their readers better and more effectively. Hence, one would be able to related better to the tips and advice which are more ‘Malaysian’ than other titles.

Sections in Her World

Her World has many sections in the magazine which are catered to the specific needs of the readers. This is where they always come out with a Cover Story which is very current and interesting as they dwell with prominent figures in the country.
On top of that, the Cover Story would sometimes also dwell into the current issues around Malaysia as well. Her Fashion is the segment where pictures of the latest trends and fashion are displayed. Here is where readers would be able to find out what to wear at functions or at certain events depending on the budget and style they choose.

In Her Beauty section, tips and techniques on make-up are published each month according to a specific theme. From the latest trends to the gothic old fashioned make-up tricks, one would be able to discover new ways to look good if not better. Her Relationships is a section whereby the issues relating to dating and love are discussed and talked about. This is where one would be able to get insights into areas like signs and relationship solutions. It has been widely regarded to be among the most read segments of this magazine since the topics are quite ‘juicy’ in their own ways.

In Her Health, tips on fitness and wellbeing are provided where readers get to try out new methods, diet plans and techniques to stay in shape. Meanwhile, the Her Living segment provides advice on living, decorations and the home are published to provide new ideas and designs for the modern home and living environment.


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