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How long are Malaysians spending their time on the different media?

In the past few years, the changes in terms of time spent on different media by Malaysians have changed considerably. This is mainly because of new media being created each day while the popularity of conventional mass media like print and television have continued to grow and maintained.

Television still popular in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the most popular media is still television where Malaysians are spending a lot of time on. Although new and modern media like the internet and mobile marketing options are readily available, advertisers are still very much in favour of using the standard and conventional media types as they are more accessible and perhaps proven.

Malays lead the way in mass media

In terms of race, Malaysian viewers are divided into 3 categories which are Malays, Chinese and Indians/others. Viewers are broken down to the following:

  • Malays who spent 4.1 hours on television on average each day
  • The Chinese group spend 3.5 hours daily
  • Indians and others spend 3.9 hours on television daily

Radio is not as popular

The popularity of radio meanwhile, has diminished over the past few years where the Malay group spends 2.2 hours each day while Chinese and Indians/Others spend 1.8 and 2.5 hours each day respectively. The internet has grown in popularity with Malays spending 2.4 hours, Chinese spending 2.8 hours and Indian/Others spending 2.3 hours each day.

Malaysians spend more time on TV and less on Radio

In the last decade, Malaysians are spending more time watching television which is highly attributed by the airing of new channels through satellite services like Astro. In 2008, Malaysians spend on average 3.4 hours on television while in 2011, the hours have grown to 3.9. There has been a drop in radio where Malaysians spend 3.5 hours while in 2011 it is 2.2 hours each day.

The time spent on the internet has grown where Malaysians spend 2.5 hours on the internet in 2011, which have grown from 1.6 hours in 2008. Malaysians are reading fewer newspapers in 2011 which is at 0.6 hours each day since 2009. A year before that, Malaysians spend 0.7 per day reading dailies.

Older people watch more television

As television is still a very popular media in Malaysia, it was found that people between 60 and 64 years of age spend the most time watching TV. They spend 4.31 hours per day on the television while those between 55 and 59 years old spend about 4.13 hours daily. The younger group meanwhile spend the least time where those between 15 and 17 years of age watch 3.61 hours of television each day. Those between 18 and 19 years of age watch 3.7 hours daily.

This group however spend 2.3 hours on the internet each day while those between 20 and 24 years of age spend 2.89 hours daily. This group is the one which uses the internet most which means that they are the best group for any advertiser who is looking to place ads on the internet.

In terms of newspaper, the 15-17 years group reads the least with only 0.45 hours daily while the highest readership comes from those who are above 65 years of age where they spend 0.62 hours each day reading newspapers.