Inbound Marketing Strategy


When you create content and experience on your website which is tailored to them, it is called inbound marketing. This is the direct opposite where you interrupt your audience by pushing irrelevant content to them.

Connecting and answering their needs

The game plan is simple. With inbound marketing, you try not to sell ads or promotions. You want to sell opportunities and some form of impact that your visitors are looking for. It has been said many times that keeping your visitors at your site requires understanding.

What needs to be done?

In inbound marketing, your strategy would ideally have a few channels and contents that resonates with your prospects. The process is like a wheel. Once you get this right, you will surely keep them there.

    1. Attract
    2. Interact
    3. Satisfy

How does the cycle work?

The whole process of Inbound Marketing is a lot more than this but let’s understand the simple basics first. We assume that you have already done all the preliminary work to get users to come to your site whether it’s from a link, a banner ad or through social media. Hence, that is the attraction part. You have got them on board by stimulating their interest. SEO is among the most popular tools at this stage.

Engaging them

The second part of this cycle is known as the Interaction stage. This is where your team must use tools and platforms to keep them engaged. You really do not have much time to waste here because they moment they get bored or find that there’s nothing in there for them, they leave. Emails, chats are just some of the platforms that your users will find value in. Here, it is all about CONTENT.

Satisfying your visitors

Once you have the content in your site that keeps your customers there, they will then find the value of what they are after. Remember, your principle here is to keep them with you. Keeping them does not mean they spend all their time at your site. It simply means:

  1. They have you as their top-of-mind brand
  2. They remember you have that special offer which they are interested in (and would come back at a later time to get it
  3. You have them seeing some benefits for spending their time at your site


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