Marketing Guide

LED Trucks – A Paradigm Shift in OOH Media

advertising stage containers led truck

LED Digital Trucks represent not only a major change in the OOH (Out-Of-Home) media advertising but a primary paradigm shift which have changed the advertising industry totally. With this media, advertisers can now fully capitalize on the push-strategy in advertising not possible in traditional media.

In using LED Trucks, your ads can now be tailored to ‘reach’ your customer where they are. This means that you can target your customers by geographical location. Think of a time when your advertising could do that!

In other words, you are delivering your ads to your customers even when they are at hard-to-reach locations. Furthermore, you can time your ads to be traffic-specific and totally target audience-specific.

Once a LED Truck reaches its location, it can be elevated and rotated depending on where the crowd is and ensure that your ads are seen by everyone around the radius. We can then change the ad according to the time and suitability.