License Application and Runner Service

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Registration of Company or Business Signboard License

To apply for permits and signboard licenses, you will need to have a registered business. As provide a full range of services to help you with billboards and signage, we ensure that your business is legitimate and this is where we will be of help. We will ensure that your business is registered with the authorities who include the CCM (Companies Commission of Malaysia) where you will be advised on the availability of the name you want and helps you to get your company registered and legitimized under the authority and regulations required. We will also help you to determine the owners and shareholders of the company where necessary.

Application for Liquor License

Should your premises involve the selling or consumption of liquor and alcoholic beverages, it is very important that you obtain the relevant approval for your liquor license. As we have assisted our Malaysian clients in obtaining the approval for many years, we will be able to help your business by liaising with the authorities concerned. Depending on the location of your premises(Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor Bahru, Penang, etc), they will fall under the jurisdiction of different local councils which means there are different laws and regulations governing them. We will help you to prepare the documents and submit them to the respective agencies and when they are approved, will book the space on the newspaper to be advertised.

Application for Entertainment License

Advertising boards and signage are best used for retail and entertainment outlets. If your business involves offering entertainment services that include pubs, cafes and recreational activities like pool or billiards, it is very important that you obtain the relevant entertainment license by the respective authorities. We will help you to ensure that your outlets are approved by the local councils as each of them carries a different set of laws and regulations. We will help you to prepare the documents needed for application and follow them through to the approval stage as well as in designing of the premises if necessary.

business signboard license malaysia

Any Other Government Matters have a strong and highly capable team of professionals and experts who have liaised with several government departments in application of licenses of many types of businesses. If needed, we will assist you in ensuring that your business runs smoothly and without glitches by liaising with them. Apart from all the services outlined, we offer any services that your business will need to be up and running as well. Should you encounter any issues or problems pertaining to the regulations or with any Malaysian government departments, we are ready to offer you our services and expertise on these issues that you are facing.



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