Zurich Insurance Information

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A leading insurer acknowledged as an innovative provider of services and our solutions for our customers through a culture of excellence.

ZURICH has the ambition and proven strengths to be a leader in the Malaysian Insurance industry.

The culmination of expertise and experience as a key Composite Provider in the Life, General, Group Life & Investment Linked business is a clear statement of intent.

This is complimented with decades of local knowledge and strong global links with Zurich Financial Services in Switzerland.

Zurich Healthcare Insurance

Lengthy and inconvenient admission payment and procedures should be the least of your worries when your health needs attending to. That’s why you need Zurich. It offers comprehensive hospitalisation benefits to ensure a smooth and hassle-free hospital stay so you can focus on getting better.


Marine Insurance offers Cargo Insurance, Marine Hull Insurance and Marine Liabilities. 


Cover your property against Fire, Burglary and other Natural Calamities under MCIS ZURICH Property Insurance.  

  • Fire Insurance, Householders Insurance and Houseowners Insurance.
  • Burglary Insurance and All Risks Insurance.

Looking for cover against Own Vehicle Damage and Third Party Liability?
This policy is just for YOU…

  • Provides Motor Insurance for Private Cars, Commercial Vehicles and Motorcycles.


Plan ahead for your child’s coming years…

CHILD EDUCATION has what it takes for your child to maximize his or her full potentials.
Take the first step and start planning for your child’s education today.
This could be the best gift your precious child might ever receive from you.

Making dreams come true.

The Graduation Day is something that every parent looks forward to with pride and joy – to witness their children dressed in the flowing gown and mortar receiving their scroll. To the parent graduation symbolises fulfillment of a very important milestone in their plans to provide their children with a secure future.

To witness this moment of pride and joy, you have to initiate a lot of careful planning and discipline and in particular commit to regular and systematic saving. But what if you are not around to complete this savings plan? Your aspiration for your child and your child’s dream will be shattered. No parent wants to be in such a situation.

Hence, it is only timely that we begin this journey of ensuring fulfillment of our children’s dreams by signing up for a Junior policy. An effective way to securing peace of mind for yourself and letting your children go on with life knowing that you have planned to make their dreams come true.

Zurich care for ladies when you need it.

YOU are the pillar of love, as a Friend, Daughter, Companion, Mother and much more, in nurturing, caring and protecting your loved ones. But what CARE have you given your ownself? Have you provided the same gift of protection for your own well-being?

It begins with providing you protection against female dreaded diseases and illnesses leaving you to focus on your personal goals. It also offers maternity coverage during your motherhood phase in life.

Zurich stays with you in your later years with its cover on Osteoporosis and Arthritis. Even more, it offers you a periodic health assessment benefit! Gain all these with just one plan. Let Zurich accompany and care for you, while you focus on being the pillar of love.


Wondering how to educate your children with the increasing cost of education? Here’s the solution…


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