Health and Fitness Related Locations

Media Spaces at Medical Centres

Advertising in hospitals and medical centers can be very different as compared to other locations. These spaces do not allow you to put just about any form of brand messaging as the target audience is very niche and you need to be extremely careful as to knowing who you are targeting.

Media spaces in medical centers

What makes advertising so different in medical centers and hospitals is because of the people around these premises. Some factors that you must consider when advertising in these spaces include:

  1. Regulations – there are strict regulations when it comes to advertising for pharmaceutical products. You must ensure that you are fully aware of what the regulations are so as not to breach any of them.
  2. Messaging – What you say and portray in your ads must be mindful and sensitive. Do not overplay your message here
  3. Brand or product – Take note that not all brands or products can be advertised in medical centers. Check the relevance of your product before deciding

Types of Locations

When it comes to hospitals and medical centres, you need to plan your campaign and messaging very well. What you do in other locations will NOT work here because of the mindset and the mentality of the viewers. Creating awareness might be your objective but reaching your aim through these media spaces might be challenging. Here are some locations where such media space are prevalent.

Government Health Centres

Government health centres and hospitals are operated by a centralized and authorized agency under the Malaysian Ministry of Health. As such, Advertising at these premises are controlled by a certain agency (either Government-linked or otherwise). In most locations, you will find certain media like MedikTV which is a channel played on the television sets installed. This device usually playback video advertisements and related promotions throughout the day. If you are looking to place a video ad, this will be your platform which usually contain messages on corporate social responsibilities and health awareness.
Rate: The media spots here are commonly played through a television set and starts around RM100,000 per month for a single spot.

Private hospitals

Private hospitals like Gleneagles or Sunway Medical Centre are large premises with a lot of traffic. When it comes to advertising in these spaces, you can do so in various OOH media which include:

  1. digital screens
  2. large format posters
  3. pillar wraps
  4. car park
  5. restaurants and cafes
  6. etc

Take note that not all types of products advertise well in these locations. Always remember that your messaging need to be sensitive to the target audience and be relevant to them. In most cases, the media spaces in these outlets are operated by a single media owner.
Digital Screen Rates: Around RM20,000 per month for a slot.
Posters/Banners: In certain hospitals, you can place your ads on banners or posters that are found at the walls of the lobby. However, you have to be aware that these locations will not accept all types of ads and only approved ads are eligible. Rates start from RM15,000 per month.

Private Clinics

Another platform that you can consider advertising in the medical field would be at private clinics. Clinics are usually either affiliated with a certain group like Qualitias or Mediviron or they are stand-alone outlets operated by qualified doctors. In some cases, a media owner will operate and coordinate the media spaces in these outlets. If you are going to place an ad in the medical group clinics, you would be able to have your ad seen in most of the branches. This can be done via the media owner agency. For stand-alone clinics, you can buy the space from the owner of the clinic in most cases.
Rate: Start around RM4,000 and goes up to RM9,000 per month