Travel and Tourism Sector

Media Spaces in Hotels

Hotels can provide a lot of exposure for your ads especially if you are planning a campaign to reach this specific group of customers. At hotels, you will be sure to reach a large group of travellers who are staying at these places for both leisure and business. With initiatives like Visit Malaysia Year and the Malaysia Mega Sale, tourists from around the world are constantly visiting the country which makes the hotels extremely high traffic locations. As such, your ads at these locations will be highly impactful, garnering high impressions every day.

Hotel Lobby Advertising

The most common places where you can place your ads would be at hotel lobbies. At average, hotel guests spend around 20 to 35 minutes at the lobby from waiting in line to checking in to their rooms, registration and completing the transaction before heading to their respective rooms. Besides that, the hotel lobby is the first premises that all visitors will arrive at. As such, your ads at these locations will be highly visible.

Digital Screens in Malaysian Hotels

Digital screens are commonly seen at most hotels. This media can usually be found at prominent locations and would usually be placed around the front desk as they can capture a lot of ad-views. This media can be very effective to be used by transportation companies, telecommunication operators as well as tourist attractions.

Rate: Price for this media varies and can range from RM6,000 to RM15,000 per month for a 30-second block.

In-room Channels Advertising

Most hotels today have satellite television services provided by Astro. Besides that, Vision Four has been providing in-room entertainment for more than 30 years and is considered as one of the most popular media for advertising in hotels. Vision Four records more than 36 million viewers each year that spread across Malaysia and Singapore where about 65% of the viewers will spend more than 1 hour on its channels.

Malaysian Hotels Wifi Advertising is the pioneer in providing Hotels free WiFi monetization, promotion and advertising platform. Rate card for advertising in Malaysian hotels free wifi is available upon request.

Malaysian Hotel Life Ads

Most hotels do not provide lift-wraps but some would provide Perspex within the walls of the lifts for ads. When there are no advertisers, this media is usually used by the hotel for in-house promotions. If you are specifically targeting the hotel guests, then these spots would be ideal for your campaign.

Hotel Outdoor or External Premises

Besides the areas within the hotel, you can buy media spots in the exterior locations of the premises. This includes the waiting areas outside the lobby or at the car park locations. Among the spots available are:

Lightbox Advertising in Hotels

This refers to the free standing lighbox which is usually seen at the drop-off areas of the hotel. Your ads can be very impactful as this is the first location that the hotel guests will arrive yet whether they are using public or private vehicle.

Rate: Ranges around RM1,500 to RM5,000 per unit monthly.

Malaysian Hotel Car Park Advertising

You can buy media spots of the car park at the boom gates. This is where your ads can be seen by every passing vehicle who visits the hotel either for a stay or function.

Rate: Around RM1,500 per unit monthly