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Media Spaces in Petrol Stations (Petronas and Shell)

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Wall Panel – Spectaculars

If you want a large and loud ad at Petronas, Petron or Shell, you can use wall panels or spectaculars which can be customized to suit your requirements. This is a large format sticker pasted on specific areas of the station which can be seen by almost any vehicle coming in and out of the station. Besides that, your spectacular could be large enough to be seen by vehicles passing by which can pull them into the station to enjoy any ongoing promotions.

Maxi Panel(illuminated)

Measuring at 8ft (H) x 4ft (W), this type media is best used if you want to target customers at the convenience store of Petronas and Shell. These boards can be very portable where they can be placed at strategic locations.

Chiller Glass Doors

Ads that are placed at the chiller glass doors are highly visible and can be seen by every customer who buys some form of beverage. This is one of the most captivating ads in the convenience store of the petrol station because customers actually make an effort to walk towards the chiller to collect their drinks.


This is a highly unique type of ad space which are small posters usually placed on top of the table where the cashier counter is. The ad here can be changed as and when necessary which makes it an ideal option for short-term promotions, purchase-with-purchase and other ad-hoc messages.

Cashier Walls

Media spaces at cashier walls are highly impactful because every paying customer will be able to see your ad. In other words, if you want your ad be seen by almost every customer at Petronas and Shell, then cashier walls would be your perfect solution.

2D Standees/Ambient

This is a customized media where your ads are specially imprinted onto 2D standee structures. In most cases, they are made from hard board which can be very captivating and portable. As such, you can place your standee at the location of your brand or directing the customer towards the aisle where your product is located.

Floor Decal

Your ad can ‘welcome’ customers into the convenience stores of Petronas and Shell. Floor decals can be tailor-made for your brand in any way and then mounted onto the floor, usually at the entrance of the store. Besides that, floor decals are used at certain aisles to ‘direct’ customers towards the location of your product or for specific campaigns.

Hoarding Boards
Type of Media: Outdoor Inkjet Tarpaulin Printing wrap on steel structure
The Hoarding Signs will be the most unique media in the station. The concept is very much like a wraparound but will be highly exposed to the customers within the station. It is the perfect media for the internal and external traffic of vehicle owners and passengers. The Hoarding Signs will have a lasting effect on the viewers and pedestrians who are outside the station. LED strips will be used to illuminate the media which will surely captivate more viewership especially at night.

Glass Panel Stickers

You can use glass panel stickers to communicate your message to your target audience. The standard size stickers are usually 2ft (H) x 2ft (W) which is large enough to be seen by vehicles coming in and out of the Shell and Petronas stations. This is very effective because of its highly visible location which is often used to stock boxes and mineral water.

Air and Water Ambient

This type of ambient media is only available at petrol stations and not anywhere else. Your ads can be seen by motorists who use the facilities to regulate air pressure in their tyres as well as for washing. Termed as ‘Air and Water’, it is a specific kiosk usually placed at the side of Petronas and Shell with ample parking space for the vehicle owner to pump air into the tyres. In most cases, they will spend between 5 and 10 minutes at this location which gives your ad a lot of ad-view time. Most petrol stations have an average of 2 ‘Air and Water’ kiosks.

Benefits of Petrol station advertising

  • CAPTIVE AUDIENCE. One of life’s daily routines providing easy access to consumers
  • CONSISTENCY . A person stops an average of 5-7 times a month for gas
  • LIFESTYLE HABITS. Consumers typically stop 1 km from where they live and work making consumer profiling easier
  • ENGAGEMENT. On average it takes 3-5 minutes to fill a gas tank. Perfect for them to digest your brand message
  • MASS AUDIENCE. 116,500 impressions per month per station at 1,000 stations nationwide
  • REPEAT READERS. Sitting at eye-level on top of the gas pump, Pump Tops, payment counters and are viewed several times during the refueling process and during each visit for maximum impact and retention 

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