TV and Radio

Media Spots on FTA Radio


In Malaysia, there are about 70 radio stations that are operating in different bands and targeting different target audiences. Most of them are classified either as FTA (Free-To-Air) and format-based stations. The former are basically radio stations that can be tuned in and usually operated by independent owners. Meanwhile, the latter refers to radio that can be tuned in by anyone but operated by specific operators like Astro. In most cases, FTA radio stations are those that provide entertainment which is more general and usually language-oriented.  Meanwhile, Astro’s format radio style is more focused on a specific genre, thereby targeting only a certain customer segment.

Types of Media Spots
There are in general 2 types of radio media spots available namely Private and Public Radio Stations. It is calculated that at average, listeners tune in to about 2 hours per week to listen to the radio. As such, there are a lot of potential for highly impactful and effective advertising in this media. Public radio stations include national stations like Klasik FM, Asyik FM and Traxx FM as well as 28 other national and regional stations that are operated by state-owned companies like RTM. This makes it very effective for advertisers to target certain listeners and target audience who tune in to different programmes each day.

Meanwhile, private-owned radio stations are owned and operated by 4 major companies namely Star RFM which is a subsidiary of The Star Publications, Media Prima (a part of the TV3 group), BFM Media and Astro Radio Networks. Besides that, there are the more regional private stations operated by Bernama, Husa Network, JAKIM and Copyright Laureate, among others.

Rates by Stations

FLY FM – One of the top FTA radio stations operating in English Language. You can buy single spots or Run of Station that comes in 20, 30 or 35 spots. Rates start from RM70 and goes up to RM500 per slot depending on the time of the day.

One FM – Owned and operated by Media Prima, this station is one of the top Chinese stations targeting at urban listeners. Rates are between RM60 and RM500 per spot.

Hot FM – Rates start from RM150 for the night programmes and can be as high as RM1,000 for prime time mornings. This is because Hot FM has one of the highest number of listeners tuning in to its Bahasa Malaysia-oriented programmes each day.

Capital FM – This station is one of the most popular and recently established stations around which started as a station for women but has since grown to reach men as well. The duration of the ads is 30-seconds and rates start from RM30 for the low-audience hours and goes up to RM300 during the peak hours.

988 FM – This is a Chinese-language station which started from its early days of Rediffusion roots. Today, it has a large following of listeners particularly during the mornings and evenings. Each spot starts from around RM50 and ranges up to RM800.

Red FM – Currently one of the top English-language stations that provide all-round entertainment. Rates start from RM50 to RM400 for every spot.

Suria FM – This station is a Bahasa Malaysia language station that targets urban listeners. Rates start from RM30 to RM500 for every spot.

Ultra FM – This station is a recent addition to the list of stations in Klang Valley. Ultra FM provides a mixture of classic music both from the local and global scene. Spots start from RM100 and goe sup to RM300.

Pi Mai FM – A BM station, its main target market is in the northern region of Penang, Kedah and Perak. Rates start from RM50 for the night slot and about RM250 for the prime time slots.

Best FM – This station target listeners from the southern region as it is based in Johor Bahru. Rates start from RM50 and RM500.

Cat FM – Targeted for listeners in Sarawak. Spots start from RM10 for a 10-second slot and goes up to RM400.

Manis FM – This station is intended for listeners in East Coast in Kelantan. Slots are in 10 to 60 second intervals starting from RM 20 and goes up to RM200.

Bernama Radio 24 – This station is operated by national news agency Bernama. Rates are between RM200 and RM900 for every 30 seconds.

RTM stations

RTM is the national radio and television media owner. As such, there are many stations operated under its umbrella, some of which are national while others are regional. Generally, every station has its own rate but are all usually in 30-second durations.

Klasik Nasional – Rates start from RM50 to RM250

Muzik FM – Rates start from RM80 to RM350

Traxx FM – This English station is one of the most listened stations. Rates are between RM50 and RM400 depending on the time slot

Al FM – Rates start from RM50 to RM 250

Minnal FM – Rates start from RM30 and goes up to RM160 per spot.

KL FM – Rates start from RM40 to RM200
Selangor, Kedah, Asyik and Kelantan FM – All four are regional stations with rates between RM40 and RM 80

Mutiara, Perak, Melaka, Johor, Terengganu, Pahang, Perlis, Langkawi and Negeri FM – These are all state-based radio stations. Rates here start from as low as RM20 per slot and goes up to RM70 during prime time.

Sabah FM – Rates are between RM40 and RM120 while it is from RM15 to RM 70 for the language-based versions.

Sandakan, Tawau and Labuan FM – All 3 stations charge between RM30 and RM50 per spot

Sarawak FM – Start from RM50 and goes up to RM130 per spot.