MSN Lockeroom Mens Portal launched in Malaysia


Malaysian Condom Maker Mixes Business with Pleasure

(AFP) – The array of cheeky condoms on Goh Miah Kiat’s desk – multi-coloured, textured and flavoured – would make most business executives blush. They come with grape and strawberry flavours, pleasure-boosting textures, barber pole-like striping, a “Baggy” model and its opposite, the missile-shaped “Powershot.” They hardly seem the stock and trade of a rural-based family business in Muslim-majority Malaysia, but Goh’s Karex Industries has big plans.

Malaysian F1 GP 2013 Grid Girls

This year’s Malaysian F1 GP saw Sebastian Vettel crossing the finish line to come out on top, and despite the rainy weather and dramas on the race track, the weekend proved to be a memorable one indeed. Though at the end of the day, what is a motorsports event without its own army of bodacious babes strutting their stuff on the hot tarmac? Locker Room presents the smoking hot grid girls of this year’s Malaysian F1 Grand Prix

Glenmorangies Highlander Party

Glenmorangie, the “Unnecessarily Well Made” single malt whisky that left a trail of Orange in the local nightlife scene last year is back this March, with the first Glenmorangie Highlander party slated for 28 March at The Hill in Damansara Heights. Click here to find out how to score invites to the party

ONE FC: Kings and Champions

ONE FC: Kings & Champions returns to Singapore this 5 April 2013 for a slug fest you don’t want to miss. Locker Room has all the explosive details here…

Best New Hairstyles for Men

Bored of your RM10 barber hair cuts? Look no further for more ideas.

AXE Anarchy For Him

The trick to attraction is to not give yourself away too much but to keep a safe distance of mystery and intrigue. It’s all about sensuality, guys, not sexuality. You don’t have to look like Johnny Depp to be noticed, and sometimes all you need for that extra edge is only a bodyspray away. The name of the game is the Axe factor, and the fragrant of the day is called Anarchy.


Men usually spend less time taking care of their skin than women do, although they’re more prone to damaging their skin through outdoor activities and late nights out. Let’s face it, skin care is hard work. For most men, that is. It’s hard to take time off to find the right product, use it the right way and at the right time. It’s even harder if you’re a working man leading a fast paced life. But appearances matter. Your skin reveals a great deal about your state of health and diet. As such, in order to look your best, men’s skin care involves more than just proper grooming.

CLEAR Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with Pro Nutrium 10

If one of the world’s best football players can succumb to the occasional injury, what more your scalp? Although it contains a protective layer, it still needs to be taken care and enriched too. It is vital that we repair and strengthen this barrier.


You’re on the way to a swanky luncheon. You’re looking sharp in your crispy new shirt, glistening wrist watch, slim fit khakis pants with enviable suede kicks to boot. You make a grand entrance, but wait, what is that nasty wet puddle underneath your armpits! Now that’s a sight for sore eyes. But let’s be frank, it happens to the best of us.

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