NewMan Magazine

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New Man is one of the leading male magazines in Malaysia. The magazine was made popular when it was first launched in Singapore and before it was introduced in Malaysia. Owned by Lifestyle Magazine Publishing Pte Ltd, New Man is published in Malaysia through a joint effort with Inovatif Media Asia Sdn Bhd.

Fast rising men magazine

New Man is one of the rising magazines in Malaysia and is sold for RM9 in West Malaysia, RM10.50 in East Malaysia while the Malaysian edition is sold at SGD6 in Singapore. One of the main reasons why New Man is so successful was because of the scarcity of men magazines around which currently include the likes of FHM, Men’s Health and a few others.

Attractive covers and issues

Furthermore, with pictures of women on the cover or the magazine, such attraction factor will surely resonate very well with its readers. Besides that, issues like dating, relationships, style, fashion and health allow the magazine to provides one of the most visually appealing and relevant contents around.

Relevant and contemporary

With a tagline of ‘Because guys Grow Up’, it hits the market with a very relevant personality where it talks about women and dwells into the gadgets and lifestyle of the metrosexual men today. Where this is concern one would be able to indulge in the pictures while enjoying the contents which are pleasing to read.

Sections in New Man

New Man provides a wide range of sections which are nice and pleasing to read and interesting for the modern man. There is an entire section on ‘Women’ which talks about celebrities, providing interviews and insights into the women of today. In the ‘Interview’ section is where the cover story and interesting topics are reported. Here is where one would be able to find out more about the specific celebrity or individual which would be very interesting to read.
The ‘Features’ section is where specific and particular topics are reported. This could range from travel reports to certain ‘exciting’ topics which might be of interest to the typical man. In ‘Score’, this is where the reader will be able to obtain tips and tricks about dating, sports and such.
Insights and all types of advice are provided in this section. What makes this segment so enticing is that the term score usually associates with sports like scoring a goal but it is used in dating too where it means being successful with a woman. As such, this section gets the readers to want to find out more about how they can ‘score’ when they go out.
A ‘Manual’ section is like a guide in specific situations and this could range from tips for interviews and related issues. In the ‘Fashion’ section is as the name suggests, provide pictures and information about how to look good and where to find the most appropriate clothes to be stylish and metro-sexual. The Regulars section is where one can read the sections which are found in every edition like the directory, the Man to Man advice as well as the Editor’s Note.


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