Online Advertising

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Perhaps the most revolutionary form of advertising to have emerged over the past few years, online advertising in Malaysia has created a major buzz and have since been taken up by companies all over the world.

The power of the internet as an affective media has been strongly instilled in business owners to the extend that they cannot deny its importance. From Search Engine Marketing to webpages, online advertising plays a major role in enhancing the company’s brand image in the most effective ways.

Pick and plan your advertising

At, we have provided you with the service to plan your advertising online. this is where you can submit your budget and then click on the appropriate media where you can pick and choose all the available media and the final cost will be calculate for you. Alternatively, you can also allow the system at generate a plan for you as well. From there, you can then fine tune your plan. provides you a complete rates of all the available advertising media in around Malaysia. We have classified the media here for your convenience so that you can plan your advertising campaign by a click of a button. All the rates are confirmed and final at the time of publishing and changes are made as they occur. Should you need more information of the rates and price range of a certain media that is not listed here, you can send us an enquiry and we will find it out for you.

Online portal advertising

Placing your ads at online portals is very impactful and effective as you will be reaching millions of readers and viewers who tune into these portals from their mobile devices all the time. Your ads will be seen not only once but several times throughout a single day as your potential customers will be checking for updates all the time. Furthermore, these portals are easily accessible through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.


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