Outdoor advertising – Should you or shouldn’t you?

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Outdoor advertising is one of the most exciting platforms that have been taking in a lot of interest in the last decade or so. Advertisers and brand owners have been jumping onto this bandwagon because of several reasons.

A fast-moving wave

Outdoor advertising is not a new platform. It has been around for decades now but only grew in significance recently. Among the reasons why outdoor advertising have been growing in numbers are:

  • The decline in conventional media – The most obvious reason here is that people are no longer watching FTA (free to air) television channels or radio stations like they used to. They do not rely on those media for information because they have the internet. The popularity of traditional media like TV, Radio and Newspapers have dropped significantly.
  • Mobility – Consumers today are more inclined to be attracted to media that are outdoors. This is because they spend more time out of home these days. Mobility means they are susceptible and exposed to more outdoor media.
  • Affordability – Outdoor advertising is higher in numbers. Brand owners are not limited to spots on a particular channel. They have more options in outdoor media as they are all over the place in many locations. With volume, these media spaces are cheaper and more cost-effective.
  • Possibilities – The underlying concept of outdoor advertising is innovation. Media owners can create new structures, gantries or billboards that look different. Advertisers are not limited to just static billboards. They can be creative and come up with new ones.

Should you go outdoor?

Naturally, the idea of advertising relies a lot on timing. In recent months, outdoor advertising rates have dropped significantly. So, does that mean it is a good time for you to spend? YES, IT IS!!.

The main reason why outdoor advertising rates have dropped can be attributed by occurrences like the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Brand owners have to cut their expenditure and other overheads. There has been more supply than demand. That means you can pretty much pick and choose which media you prefer.

Ads that matter

One thing for sure, your outdoor ads will have high ad-views. It is all about gathering eyeballs and you can be certain to reach the target market for your ads.

  • Outdoor advertising will always have the impact you need. Unlike online advertising media like Google and Facebook, your ads get ‘lost’ with the millions of other ads. This clutter will only make your ad forgettable. Outdoor ads will always give you the ad-views at a specific location, to the specific target market.
  • Long-lasting – Even the top tech names like Google cannot guarantee brand recall the way outdoor ads do. Unless you have a lot of budgets to spend in flushing Google with your campaign, your ads won’t be remembered as much as a billboard can. You might not get that many ad-views but you get higher brand recall rates. This is GUARANTEED!
  • Traffic – Whether it is pedestrians or vehicles, outdoor media will always enjoy good traffic. Media owners normally choose locations with high volume of traffic so you can almost be guaranteed in terms of impressions. Since you are targeting viewers of a certain demographic, you get better returns.
Wrapping it up

The rule of thumb is to go 50/50 (which has been practiced for ages) in terms of your budget. You might not want to spend too much outdoor or otherwise but in comparison, outdoor ads will surely give you better returns per media.


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