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Kidz is one of the leading children magazines in Malaysia. If you have kids, this magazine will be one which will surely come in handy.

All you need to know about kids

Generally, Kidz magazine is where you will be able to read and find out more about everything a child would need to know. Catered to the child and the parent, Kidz would be one of the most ideal magazines that you can pick up and learn a new thing or two.

All types of everything

In Kidz magazine, you will find games, articles, information, lessons, tricks and techniques. These segments are all catered for the child to develop intellectually and provide the resource for growing up in a fun way too.

Part of Superkidz

The Kidz magazine now incorporates Superkidz and you can be part of the community to exchange ideas and any lessons you have learnt from the magazine. Find out where you can participate in children programmes around the country as well as any upcoming events which might benefit your child.

Special segments in Kidz

One of the highlights of Kidz magazine is that they organize the annual Superkidz carnival which brings together products and services from their affiliations and partners for parents and kids to enjoy.

Apart from that, the magazine has product reviews where the editors will have their recommendations and ratings to help parents make better decisions in terms of purchase of product or using a service.

You will also be able to join in the reviews here where you are free to give your opinions on a particular children product. On top of that, we welcome your feedback and any information which will help other parents out there. You are free to join us and be part of our parenting team where other families would surely benefit from.

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