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Carlist.my is one of the most popular automotive-related portals in Malaysia. Operated by Car Asia, it is a great platform for anyone who has an interest in the car and vehicle industry throughout Asia.

Background and Sections in Carlist.my

With a thriving and dynamic automotive industry in Malaysia, Carlist.my is the place to go for millions of car buyers and sellers in the region. Offering the latest information and all the relevant resources for vehicle owners, Carlist.my comes with a lot of opportunities for the community.

In Carlist.my, there is a wide range of resources and content which is related to its readers and members. Among the most prominent one is the ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ segments.
Visitors here can choose either to buy or sell used, new, recon or cheap cars.

Besides that, Carlist.my has a dedicated segment for New Cars where users can find all the information they need about purchasing a brand-new vehicle.

The Finance segment provides details about car loans, insurance and such while Carlist.my also provides a segment on News. Here, they channel the latest news, new model launches and related events.

Contents that are published in Carlist.my are very current and relevant to the market. Visitors to the site would visit Carlist.my in their research in buying and selling vehicles or to find out about what is the current buzz.

Car sellers can list their used cars for sale here while those looking for a car (used or new) can find one that suits their budget and requirements too.

Target readers and segment

Carlist.my reports up to 700,000 visitors which are predominantly male between the age of 25 and 55 in the income bracket of RM5,000.00 to RM15,600.00 who are mostly Professionals, Managers, Executives, Businessmen or PMEB and white collar jobs.

Advertising in Carlist.my will give brand owners a lot of exposure, especially for those in the automotive industry looking to connect with car buyers, sellers or just those who are interested in cars.

Ad spaces in Carlist.my

Among the spaces available for advertising in Carlist.my include:

  • Smart-Targeting Banner Bundle – Rates are from RM120.00 which is ideal for driving traffic and increasing brand recognition. This banner can be adopted for desktop or mobile.
  • There are 4 types of website spaces which are Medium-Rectangular Banner, Half Page Banner, Large Mobile Leaderboard Banner and Strip Banner, which are all on monthly cycles creating very high traffic.
  • Hero Spotlight – Prices start from RM5,000.00 per week and are the main attraction on the homepage. This is the premium banner that can be seen by every visitor to the site.
  • Dimensions for the Hero Spotlight are Desktop: 1660px(w) x 450px(h), Tablet: 540px(w) x 150px(h) and Mobile: 540px(w) x 150px(h), which comes with a weekly ad cycle.