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TechNave is an online media in Malaysia focusing on technology. This is the place to go where readers look for the latest news and gadget reviews that are relevant to them.

Background and Sections

In TechNave, readers are able to read up on the latest hardware and software and any other developments in the technology world. Starting out in 2013, the portal has already grown to become one of the leading ones in the industry.

Today, it has more than 1 million unique visitors who are well-versed in the 3 main languages of the country, Bahasa Malaysia, English Language and Chinese.

The main objective of TechNave is to be the place to go where users are able to enjoy its services as well as to give them the platform to compare features and prices for tech devices.

Target Audience and segments

The main readers and visitors to TechNave are tech-savvy consumers. They are mostly male and between 25 and 40 years of age. The main communication medium is English Language, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil. The major segments in TechNave include News, Reviews, Handphones, Laptops, Gadgets, Deals and Comparison.

Visitors are attracted by the content provided in the News and Reviews segment. The former is where the latest developments and updates happening in the tech industry are reported.

As for the latter, the latest gadgets and devices are given in-depth reviews by the experts who put them to the test. This will give readers a good indication of what to expect which will then affect their buying decision.

TechNav also has dedicated segments for handphones and laptops in which visitors can understand what are the latest models being launched as well as related tips and tricks. Comparison is the segment that provides readers the tool to benchmark certain gadgets against another.

Booking highlights

For advertising on TechNave, general guidelines are applied. Advertising space is on a first come, first served basis and should be approved by the relevant authorities.

The company and editorial policy will be taken into consideration where it relates to the advertisement’s content so as not to breach any law or regulations.
Submission of material must not be later than 5 working days before the day of launch.

Spaces available on the portal

On TechNave, they offer a Medium Rectangular banner available which starts from RM5,000 per week. This is a highly prominent banner ad that will be seen by visitors on both their mobile and desktop versions.

The ad will be placed on the home page of TechNave as well as on ROS (Run on Site). Advertisers should take note of the dimension of the ad which will be 300px(w) x 250px(h) for desktops and 300px(w) x 250px(h) or mobile. The ad cycle is on a weekly basis.