Klia International Arrival Baggage Reclaim Hall – Video Wall

Targeted at arriving passengers

Most passengers who arrive at the airport will have to pass through the baggage reclaim area. Those who are waiting for their checked-in baggage will spend an average 30 minutes here before their belongings arrive. Meanwhile, those who do not will pass-through this location to get to their next checkpoint. As such, this is a highly visible location where digital screens provide information, entertainment and advertisements for the passengers while waiting. To advertise here, take note of the following:

  1. Ad format: Video or still images
  2. Spot duration: 2 minutes
  3. Number of sites: 2
  4. Operational hours: 20 hours per day running at 10 minutes per loop
  5. Cycles: 6 per hour
  6. Note: This media is made exclusive to only 4 spots at any time
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Site Video Wall of Baggage Carousel Belt E & F
Target Audience International Arrivals
Medium Video
Size 6’(H) x 12’(W)  – 2 sites with 4 displays
Display Charges

RM 350,000 per annum per spot

6% GST Payable by advertiser
Production Charges Video content to be supplied by advertiser
Summary Of Media
  1. 20 hours per day @ 10 minutes per loop
  2. 6 cycles per hour
  3. Exclusive to only 4 spots/advertisers
  4. 1 spot = 2 minutes per loop


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