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Applying for a job of your choice is not a simple task. It is actually quite challenging that requires a lot of planning and research.This is the best place to start whether you are a fresh graduate or have some working experience. There is a large pool of resources which can guide you through the job application process that includes tips and advice and other information.

All types of job in advertising, administration and sales

Browse through the comprehensive job categories here that cover all the jobs available. This includes jobs in advertising, education, administration, sales, legal and architecture, among others. Learn about what all you need to know before applying.This includes the likes of vacancies and positions available, minimum qualifications, salary range and experience required.Besides that, you can check out some helpful tips and hints. These are sourced from the experts, human resource specialists and employers or read the current articles on job applications and career advice.Portal Carikerja is your one-stop centre for jobs and careers. You can find just the perfect job as well as tips for application and techniques for interviews. Portal Carikerja is the only job portal which is easy for anyone and everyone who wants a fulfilling career.

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At Portal Carikerja, your job satisfaction is our commitment because we believe that everyone deserves the best job in their lives. You can now be part of the workforce of the public and Malaysian government sector and find the one that suits you best.

Education Job Guide

A career in education offers many opportunities which is very much different today as compared previously. Education does not fully refer to a teacher’s job but encompasses a wider range of opportunities and career prospect. With new and modern teaching methods and techniques, no longer are teaching jobs considered as boring and old-fashioned.In fact, students today require new delivery methods and more and more schools have adopted more interactive and participative courses and this has caused the teaching job to evolved to be more involvement-based than before.In the education industry, the most common job opportunity would be in the area of teaching and course delivery. This is where one must be able to explain complicated topics into easy-to-understand classes so that the students are able to learn the courses they enrolled for.One could choose either to teach in the public or private schools where the former offers long term remuneration while the latter offers better salary schemes in the short term. To be a qualified teacher or lecturer, one must possess the appropriate qualifications. The primary policy is to be a step higher than that he or she is teaching. This means that for one to teach the undergraduate courses, the candidate must possess a post-graduate qualification in the relevant field.Most private institutions accept qualifications from most renowned and known universities from around the world while if one is planning to teach in a public institution, it is known that a degree or a post-graduate degree from the public universities are required. On top of that, public universities also require one to hold a degree in education or from the teacher’s training colleges.Apart from teaching, a career in education could also be in the areas of corporate training and research and development. Here is where one is involved with the conceptualization and delivery of corporate training courses for the industry and its employees to further enhance their personal skills and such. Apart from that, one could also be involved with Research and Development (R&D) where one can develop courses, provide analyses and strategic input for the purpose of policy making and industry development.

Beauty and Cosmetology Jobs

A career in beauty is where one is qualified in the cosmetology areas. This is on e discipline which actually spans across a wide variety of areas that one can consider when venturing into this career path. Cosmetology involves the area of self-beauty and personal wellbeing and is usually catered to women although men are fast beginning to take notice of its importance.In most situations, cosmetologist are involved and trained in a specific expertise. This is where one can either be in the more focused and specialized like an aromatherapist or a hair stylist. One must be aware though that most modern salons today require you to be qualified in these areas before offering you employment at their organizations.There are also the more generic pathways that one can choose to embark in which is to be involved with the likes of make-up and such. This is where one is able to offer make-up services either free-lance or through an agency. A career in make-up can be very lucrative and glamorous if one is able to find employment in the entertainment industry and be employed with television stations and such.On top of that, hairdressers, hair stylists too will find a host of opportunities which can have very favourable returns as these are services which are constantly needed by people today. In some situations, cosmetology involves the area of well-being where one can be trained as a professional aromatherapist or a masseuse that offers relaxation and health-related services to the customers. Such therapy is one of the most highly demanded services today what with the fast moving and physically taxing industries around the world.Generally, the beauty industry is one of the highest paying and lucrative industries today. One can either work in film and television and in the production studios, in spas and wellness centers, in research and development and most importantly, in the fashion industry. This is an industry where customers would usually stay loyal to a service if they are confident and will bring about repeat purchases all the time. Furthermore, one could also embark into their own businesses and offer such services to their own customers and clients.

Advertising Job Guide

The advertising industry offers a very lucrative career if one knows where to look and how to start looking. With the fast and rapid growth of the internet, advertising has benefited very much due to this boom. This is because the industry has been able to capitalize on more opportunities particularly in the digital marketing and advertising scenario.A fresh graduate will be able to find jobs in various segments of advertising where it is often regarded as a glamorous and exquisite industry. The most common jobs that one could work in are those in the account servicing segment. Normally known as Account Executives, they are basically managers of accounts for a particular firm. They are the link between the agency with the clients where they are involved in all the areas of planning, implementation, managing and all related services to deliver what the client one to the mass market.

Media Planning Position

Alternatively, one could also work in the media planning segment where they are known as the experts in what media to use which could maximize the impact of a particular campaign. The planners are those who would use the budget allocated to them to work with media owners like television and radio stations, newspaper publishers and such. Media planners would usually be involved with the booking of spaces and spots in the media according to the requirements of the clients.

Creative Director

For the designers and innovators, the Creative departments offer very interesting opportunities for them to showcase their talents and skills. This is where one is involved with the designing and conceptualization of a campaign from the initial planning until the execution stages. One would usually be trained in the arts as well as in related techniques like film and broadcasting, video production and poster printing respectively.The modern advertising firm would also involve new and contemporary methods of advertising which involves the likes of digital media and mobile marketing. Here is where experts are employed to offer strategic and planning methods to fully utilize the advantages of these channels. On top of that there are also Research and Development jobs where one is required to provide analysis and strategic planning services.

Malaysia Sales Jobs

A career in sales can be highly lucrative and satisfying if you know what you are selling and you like what you do. It must not be confused with the job of a salesman although the dynamics could be similar.If you like meeting people and can always convince others to believe in your product, then a career a sales could well be your perfect choice. Here is where you can check out the many options and career paths you can take through a journey in sales and what are the companies and industries that offer sales jobs that are exciting with high remuneration.

Education Job in Malaysia

The education sector is seen as one of the most stable industries because education is always needed whether it is in the private or public schools.If you have the qualifications in an area-specific level and would like to venture into education as your career path, there are lots of opportunities especially in Malaysia where this industry is booming.Find out what the salary scale is like for the qualifications you have and which institutions are best known for teaching. Learn from the experts about what you can expect and what the traits that are needed to be an educator are.

Banking Job in Malaysia

A career in banking and finance is one of the most lucrative and stable in any country. This includes related areas like stock exchanges, bourses and securities where there are countless job and career opportunities to consider.If you are comfortable with figures and is able to analyze the market well, then a career in banking, finance and securities could well be the right direction for you.Find out about the available jobs and areas of expertise that are currently in demand as well as what type of companies offer such jobs. On top of that, make an assessment on the salary scale and see how much you can earn.