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Samsung launches mega-huge billboard ad for S7 Galaxy Edge

samsung advertisement

When it comes to billboard advertising, nothing comes close to having the largest ad ever, anywhere. And Samsung has taken the step further and truly made their mark in this area.

Facade Lighting at its best

[canvakala-video src="" skin="skin3" poster="Advertising.My" width="560" height="349" autoplay="true"]Make no mistake about it, billboard ads can sometimes be boring and if your ad is not loud enough, no one can see it. If your ad is not large enough, no one can hear it, pun intended. Samsung, being the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world today surely has up the ante with this one.

It pretty much cements its position as the leading smartphone brand with its 80-meter high and 40-meter wide billboard of their latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Galaxy Edge. The billboard was enacted in Sokol, in Moscow, Russia.

And if that was not enough, they even included the curved edges which have since become an iconic design of the phone. Built onto the entire side of a building, this billboard is just massive, and there is no two ways about it.

Samsung’s move is surely bold but then again, since when had the Korean brand compromised on marketing. The question now really is, what is anyone going to do anything about it?