What you need to know when advertising in magazines?

 Several major factors come into play if you are planning to advertise in magazines in Malaysia. This is because the country has hundreds of titles to choose from while you need to know exactly who your target markets are and what you should do when placing your ads in these publications. The objective of any advertiser when working with magazines is to capture the attention of the target market for the longest duration possible.

Connecting with readers

Magazines, unlike newspapers offer the best option among readers as they are usually printed on high-quality paper which lasts longer than newspapers. Furthermore, magazines are usually released on a periodical basis of fortnightly, weekly, monthly and so on.

Magazine naturally is known for being able to engage the readers better than newspapers because they are very focused in a specific area. Top Gear is an internationally renowned title which provides information about cars and automotive, Female is one of the top magazine titles which is targeted for women readers while Stuff is a magazine about gadgets and technology.

Pull vs push technology

One of the highlights about magazine titles is that it has a strong pull factor in which readers actually go out and buy the magazines as they are interested to know about what have been published. Some even subscribe to them based on the periods that are available. This is one area of this media which is not easily achieved by others like radio and television.

Variety of titles 

To date, there are about 350 magazine titles available in Malaysia, all of which provide interesting articles and information about their own specific areas. These titles generate their income mainly from advertising sales and circulation revenue. As with newspapers, magazines in Malaysia are published in major languages like English Language, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil.

How to advertise in magazines?

The main challenge when advertising in magazines is knowing which title to choose from. Where this is concerned, perhaps the best way is to engage those with the highest circulation and audited by ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation).

Once that is determined, it is important to know the deadlines that are given. One of the most important elements about advertising in magazines is the dates where you will need to plan a month ahead of the publication. In most cases, you will need to confirm your insertion with a specific tile 4 to 6 weeks before printing starts. This is a very important area that must be adhered to because it will allow the publisher to design the layout and where your ad will be.

Creativity is totally up to your company while you need to determine the size of your ad before they are printed. This could be either in full page, fractional page like half, quarter and one-sixth, consecutive pages or half-pages respectively, all of which will then determine the rate and impact of your campaign.

Occasionally, there will be special editions like wrap-arounds, pop-ups, gatefolds and many others which will require additional elements like costing and designing that will provide better impact and effectiveness for your advertisements.

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