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Yoga Life is Malaysia’s Premier Yoga lifestyle magazine catered for readers who care about their health and holistic lifestyle. In each issue, the magazine features old yogic principles tips for beginners and also health conscious individuals. Yoga Life is published every two months. Targeted at the health conscious men and women to high profile business entrepreneurs, Yoga lifestyle is your companion towards a healthier lifestyle. This magazine is also for readers from the age of 25 to 60 who are committed to a life of total wellness. Yoga life is printed on perfect bound glossy magazine to capture and attract more prospective readers. In its issue, Yoga Life features stories on tips and guidance towards a healthier lifestyle such as “The 7 day transformational journey”, “Yoga Therapy”, “Yoga and the fitness plan” and many more educational stories. Also featured in the issues are promotional events happening around town complete with discount coupons as a stimulation and encouragement for its readers to join one of the healthy activities.

Yoga Life introduces a healthy lifestyle from food perspective. Featuring an array of content such as health-benefit recipes and also recommending the best nutritional medication available in the market, the readers can get all health information by purchasing this single magazine. For Internet savvy readers, you can check out their website for more information. Besides that, readers can also download Yoga Life e-magazine. Readers can check out the past issues and also a preview of the current issue in market. Yoga Life is available in major bookshops and news stand. Besides that, readers can also get a copy from yoga studios, healing centres and spa outlets. Yoga Life provides a forum for all to learn and those who would like to change their current lifestyle. All in all, Yoga Life is definitely an educational, informative and enlightening magazine for everyone regardless of your age as long as you are health-conscious.