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Harakah Daily is a newspaper printed in Bahasa Malaysia owned by PAS political party. Known as the party’s organ, it publishes a wide variety of news and current issues each day.

Circulation and Distribution

Started in 1987, the actual name of this newspaper is Harakah. It has since gone through several major changes to circulation and printing before it becomes what it is today where it is now a bi-weekly publication. Harakah Daily is an online brand with updates and news published on a daily basis. When it first started, Harakah was catered primarily for members of PAS but it has now changed to become a publicly-available newspaper. While Harakah Daily is a Bahasa Malaysia publication, it has an English section which is 8 pages and a Jawi section.

Advertising and Exposure

Harakah Daily has a strong following of readers who are well targeted and focused. Readers are mostly members of the party while it also appeals well to the BM native readers in major towns and cities, particularly on the eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The rates for advertising on the publication are as follow:

For 1 month – 8 insertions

  • Full-page ad – RM3,134.20
  • Half-page ad – RM1,567.30
  • Quarter page ad – RM783.60
  • Panel ad – RM1,003.60

For 3 months – 26 insertions

  • Full-page ad – RM2,849.30
  • Half-page ad – RM1,424.60
  • Quarter page ad – RM712.30
  • Panel ad – RM941.20

For 1 month, advertisers get 2 free insertions while 3 months package comes with 6 free insertions. Price is inclusive of SST, design and printing.

Column ads

For per single column cm ads, the rates are as follow:

  • 1 insertion – RM22.00
  • 3 insertions – RM20.00
  • 6 insertions – RM18.00
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