How your business can use WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp for Customer Service

Top companies are using WhatsApp Business API to provide better customer service such as real-time notification and time-sensitive information.

Used by large corporations

Banks, airlines, media and tourism companies have all benefited using WhatsApp Business API. They reach and connect better via functions such as:

  • Programming details – Many media companies are using WhatsApp Business especially in connection with pay-per-view programmes. Users can check and make payment via links sent through WhatsApp.
  • Hotel reservations – As WhatsApp is platform and telco independent, travellers can receive their hotel bookings and confirmation even when they are in other countries. This real-time information and communication help hotel operators provide instant updates.
  • Flight booking and information – Several airlines have started using WhatsApp not only for booking and checking of flights but also for check-ins, flight modifications and other vital functions.
  • Banking and financial institutions – Security has often been a concern but with end-to-end encryption, banks have taken WhatsApp in interacting with their customers allowing them to communicate with chatbots.
  • Health organisations – Agencies like the World Health Organization has started using this platform for real-time updates such as the case in the COVID-19 pandemic.

WhatsApp can convert leads to sales

We work with you to consolidate your sales force’s processes into functional and effective tools using WhatsApp Business. We no longer live in the cold-calling age. Users are found to be more responsive using text messages.

Shopping and retail with WhatsApp business

Connecting to your customers in retail is easier than ever. Now you can communicate with them about promotions, new launches, special discounts and many more, all within the control of your own WhatsApp interface.

One luxury brand started a campaign that connects their Exclusive customers. When a luxury brand has a WhatsApp Business group with Exclusive Customers, users would want to be part of that as they get first-hand information.

Easily get your customers’ consent

After your users come in from the landing page, provide the button to ‘WhatsApp Us Now’. This means they give you consent to reach out. It beats all former types of them subscribing. And this is instant and fast too.

Image and Video Interaction

It is a no-brainer that customers react more positively via images. When you can send and connect pictures and videos to them, the call-to-action becomes more responsive. Memes and Text Jargons make your messages more personalized as well.

Flash sales promotions

As WhatsApp gives you real-time notification features, you can stream flash or hourly sales to your customers. This has been the platform of choice for many top e-commerce sites especially with hour-specific promotions (which will differ between different time zones).

Reach your customers at specific locations

Connect to your customers at a specific location for certain short-term promotions. With real-time and instant notifications via WhatsApp Business, retail of perishable goods, livestock and food can clear inventory quicker.

No more email subscriptions

Instead of asking your customers to use email notifications, WhatsApp gives you a whole new tool by subscribing to mobile messaging. After all, they do have a higher rate of being read than emails and other communication tools.

Integrate with Facebook

Your reach now transcends across more platforms and with Facebook, this is seamless (as they are the same company). Besides, the WhatsApp logo is easily recognized and identifiable by your customers.

Modern marketing campaigns

WhatsApp Business provides you new ways for your campaign. It can be a slogan, a storytelling competition or a post-and-win contest, you get instant participation. You no longer need to launch a contest, wait for a post or email submissions, judge and award winners.

Invoke former customers

Being able to send personalized messages (direct to the recipient), you can now connect (or reconnect) with some who have not used your service for some time. This makes them remember that you remember them.

Hotlines and Support

You can provide a channel for instant customer service or technical support. Since it supports rich media, your customers can communicate with images, videos and other forms and they can do this instantly.

Snap and Chat

Millennials are very accustomed to taking images and posting them on social media. As this is common user behaviour, it should be incorporated into your campaigns. With WhatsApp, the possibilities can be limitless.

All they need is the device, capture the moment and send. In return, you get their consent to opt-in and contact information as well.

  • CSR Campaigns – No Littering, anti-pollution, bribery or helping the homeless.
  • Branding – Users submit images that bear the logo or brand of the product.
  • Specific Messaging – Images or videos that depict the brand message of your company.
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