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Advertising.My have been in the industry long enough to understand technology demand and how to deliver them. Throughout the years, we have competed in the highest levels and on the level-playing field with some of the industry’s best and came out victorious. Therefore, we know just how to maximize your investment in us in every way possible and to help you get the best ROI out of it.

Our plan

We might not be the largest internet player in the region, but we are surely one that companies can’t afford to ignore. When we launch a campaign, we make sure that we exhaust all avenues to make them heard and create the impact. That is our ultimate plan and goal.

We appreciate you noticing us

We truly appreciate the fact that you have noticed us and believe that we have what it takes to bring you the ROI you desire. In showing our appreciation, we will do everything in your capacity and capabilities to ensure that your investment will not be wasted in any way at all.

At Advertising.com.my, we will ensure that your investments are accounted for and that you will surely be satisfied with where your money is injecting into in the short, mid and long terms. After all, we have the track record to show that we are capable and will bring about what you require.

Our experience

We are now one of the leading technology player in Malaysia. We are not the largest but we operate very efficiently in our set up. Advertising.com.my was established in 1997 where we started in the online advertising industry.

As this was our original service, we have become experts in online advertising, leading the way for others to follow. We have since expanded our services to offer more diversified options.

Through our experience in digital advertising, we have worked with industry-leading companies which have enabled us to understand how the internet as a media works from the bottom.

Our network

As a leading internet player in the country, we have worked and collaborated with all the media owners and advertisers here. We have assisted in highly impactful and effective campaigns throughout the years. From the big players like Astro and Media Prima to the smaller but equally effective media owners in Out-of-home and digital advertising firms, we have carried out countless projects that can be seen in the public around the country


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