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Plus(NSE) Highway Billboards

Billboards remain as the most effective outdoor advertising channels today as more and more people are spending time outdoors which means that they are more exposed to out-of-home, especially highways.

Advertise in KLIA and Major Airports in Malaysia

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Hong Kong Government Campaign

We are official agency for major airports in Malaysia. Explore our inventory for static and digital airport advertising sites here.


We are official agency for Monorail, MRT and buses advertising


One of the most popular methods used in OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising is transport wrap advertising. This medium is effective because of their size. It’s a highly impactful media especially when the ads gather a lot of impressions in urban areas.


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Premier Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia & Singapore

Established in 1998, Advertising.My is a digital marketing agency in Malaysia & Singapore that comprises of experienced designers, developers and marketers. Over the years, we have delivered impactful outdoor & digital marketing campaigns through the application of sound strategy, beautiful design and cutting edge technology.

Our proven methods, coupled with stringent quality control processes, ensure clients the best possible return on investment (ROI) for every marketing dollar. This is reflected across a wide variety of projects for FMCG businesses, banking, and government sectors.

Such an ability to constantly deliver optimal ROI has been made possible due to our wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of today’s digital marketing landscape that spans across the web, social and mobile platforms. If you have yet to, be sure to explore out portal to have a better understanding of the services we offer, browse some digital marketing insights or get in touch for consulting or collaborations.

Digital screens are present throughout the outdoor path to purchase, where consumers still make most of their purchases. Outdoor advertising captures attention and engages people at the most critical stage of the consumer journey – moments they buy a product.

As the leader in outdoor advertising agency in Malaysia, you will have nothing to worry about if you choose us as your partner. This is because we understand the industry very well where we have worked with companies from all business sectors in using digital screen technology for advertising and promotions. In selecting your most ideal digital advertising partner, you can rest assure that we have the best knowledge in this new age advertising.

At Advertising.my, we have a team of highly passionate people who bring with them years of experience that will help your business grow. This is done not through hard and blind selling but with carefully planned and effectively executed plans that will work wonders for you. What we bring to the table is not only the best practices we have learnt in the past but the aim of helping you build highly successful and impactful campaigns for your brands.


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