Outdoor Digital Billboard(DOOH) Advertising

Options are aplenty when it comes to outdoor advertising in Malaysia. Particularly in the major cities like Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, outdoor advertising on billboards have recently changed and evolved into offering more contemporary options like digital and led screens.

Prominent LED billboards

There are many locations around Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya which are known for their digital billboards. This includes:

  1. Along the Federal Highway. There are a few on both directions around the MidValley and Angkasapuri enclave.
  2. Central Kuala Lumpur – You can see them along Jalan Sultan Ismail, in front of Pavilion Shopping Centre and in Chow Kit Area
  3. Damansara – There are billboards on the fascia of buildings in front of Damansara Utama and along LDP

Size of screens

In this context, the size of the screen would play a major role. This simply means that the larger the screen, the better it will be for advertisers as it can be seen from a further distance.

Content on screens

One thing for sure, the clarity of the screens would be extremely crucial. This is where wordings of the advertisements can be seen clearly. However, it must be noted that such ads should not contain too many words and should only use large and sharp-contrasted texts.

On another context, curved screens would be better as well. When these screens are used, it would provide larger advertising space while offering more angles for the ads to appear in.

Locations of screens

In any advertising media, the location would make a huge impact. LED screens at traffic lights would be more perfect. This is because unlike static ads, these messages can be seen and viewers are able to see them for a longer time. Screens should be located within a short distance from traffic. In fact, they should be visible at slow traffic locations or they will lose their impact.

Types of screens

Whether you should use horizontal or vertical screens, it really depends on the size of the screen. This however will have a direct impact on what your ad wants to portray. The messaging is crucial. If you use smaller screens, then the lamp post digital screens would be ideal.

This is where you can have repeated playback although the quality of output might not be as good as the larger ones. In terms of slots, the common rule of thumb is that they go between 15 and 35 seconds. Take note that the more slots you buy, the more you will have to pay.

If you are going to advertise on high traffic locations, they might be overbooked and would be more expensive. Prices shown are for a month or unless stated otherwise. We will be able to get package rates if you are taking more than one locations. Feel free to discuss with us about your campaign.


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