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Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is one of the fastest growing segments within the advertising industry. This is because the call and demand for more innovative media in advertising are increasing among advertisers and brand owners around the country today.

In OOH advertising, companies are provided with a wide variety of choices as they are no longer confined to the conventional methods of advertising in going through mass media like television and radio. OOH advertising media is more unique and require more creativity, innovation which will then ensure better prominence and effectiveness.

In this context, it can be assumed that OOH advertising is basically any media that can be used to place ads that are unconventional. This can be in many forms that include table tops, on walls and fascia of buildings or structures as well as in every other space available and possible.

Why advertise on OOH Media?

OOH media is very popular today as more and more consumers are exposed to different types of environments. Where this is concerned, OOH media provides advertisers with more choices in their marketing and advertising campaigns as they are no longer limited to the traditional choices which were originally available.

Today, advertising will encompass many places and scenarios. Consumers are not watching as much television or listening to the radio as frequently as before. The advent of technology likes the internet and mobile platforms have created a whole new business sector. Consumers are now tuning in to new media like the internet for news, updates, information and most importantly for communication. This makes OOH and DOOH media more attractive and effective than before.

How to advertise in OOH media?

To advertise in OOH media, you will need to have a comprehensive and effective media plan. As OOH media covers a big area and many varieties, you will have to identify where your ads need to be seen and who will be seeing them. Thus, advertising in OOH media would need to cover the following steps.

Media choices

– There are countless possibilities when it comes to OOH media. This is where you will need to identify and determine which media you want to use before embarking into this campaign. Where this is concerned, the most effective OOH media used by most advertisers today are in the areas of direct-to-you campaigns. This includes the use of receipts, table tops and even on water bottles. It would be most ideal to start working on the choices that are available and then deciding on the next step.


– This is an important step of the process because you will need to decide on how many times your ad will be displayed. If you are looking to use table tops in cafes and restaurants, then you will need to identify which location and such. For instance, if you are targeting to place your ads in Mamak shops, you will need to identify the location and area of the shops and how many shops will be involved. After that, you will need to identify how many tables will be used.


– As most OOH media incorporates direct-to-you methods, it is very important that your ad involves an engaging and immersing style so that your target market is attracted to the ad the second they see it. This would need some high quality creativity and a unique advertising approach which is usually different from the conventional advertising methods.

Media planning

– Once you have determined the initial stages, you need to then plan your media booking and approach. This is where you need to be articulate and to ensure that all the OOH media you are using are integrated and aligned to provide you with a comprehensive campaign.

Media booking

– This is the phase where you actually finalize the ad space with the OOH media owners. In most cases, it would be best to do this through a media agency which will help you in all the steps above.

Engaging an agency for OOH media

In using a media agency to facilitate your OOH advertising campaign, it is most important that you engage one which is capable and experienced. This is where you will find that the media agency will be able to book the spaces through its working relationship with the respective owners. As you will be embarking into a campaign that involves several media owners, an agency like Advertising.my will be able to bring you discounts while giving you the assurance and service of a one-stop platform in dealing with the media owners. Whatsapp us now.


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